Pros and Cons of Ayurvedic Medicines

The Indian subcontinent has always been an admirer of Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is well known for using natural ingredients like herbs to cure diseases. There are several benefits of using these medicines. But it also has a flip side. Let us take a look at both the positive and negative effects these medicines have.

The main benefits of using these medicines are as follows:

  • Safe and Chemical Free: Since the medicines are made of natural ingredients and chemicals are not used, the harsh effects of chemicals do not affect the consumer.
  • Complete Cure: These medicines do not put a stop gap on the disease; they cure it in a way to prevent the reoccurrence of the disease. It aims at giving a long term cure for the disease.
  • Improves Health: Consumption of these medicines not only cures the disease, but also improves overall health by improving metabolism, reducing stress and bringing tenacity.
  • No Operation: Many people have the phobia of going under the knife. Ayurvedic medicines make sure that you do not have to get operated in situations like Haemorrhoids, bone inflammation, gall bladder stones and removal of non-terminal tumour.
  • Effective Cure: There are several issues related to fields like gynaecology, psychiatry, toxicology, nutrition, detoxification & rejuvenation, and fertility that have effective cures in this form of treatment and do not have any side effects.
Just as there are benefits, there are also a few drawbacks of these medicines. The first drawback that most people point out is that the effects these medicines have on people can vary from person to person. So there is no scientific basis that proves that a medicine is benefiting one and worsening the other's condition.

Next, there are several instances in today's world where a person might be given life support to be kept alive. Ayurvedic medicines can hardly help in these situations and it has been seen that consumption of these medicines has worsened the condition of the patient. Ayurvedic medicines have a slow and gradual effect on the body generally.

Thus it can be concluded, that where on the one hand there are several advantages of these medicines, there are also a few flip sides to its usage.
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Role and Functions of Online Tax Consultancies

Tax consultants are considered as experts in all financial and tax related matters. They provide advice and guidance in compliance of various tax laws and rules. Their functions include guiding the clients in preparing and filing tax returns, acting as legal representatives in all tax matters and providing expert advice. Their services are very important as they guide the clients on any breach of tax rules and regulations thus saving them from fines and penalties.

The most important role played by tax consultant is to guide the client in preparing and filing the income tax returns accurately and timely. The consultant considers all tax saving matters while preparing the return and gives best presentation of taxable income in the return. Another role played by the tax consultant is to provide expert advice on general tax related matters such as guidance on compliance of taxation laws and rules for starting a business or on changing the existing business.

Accounting and Tax consultants also provided services of reallocating expenses and income to a particular period or to a subsequent different period so as to enable the clients filing minimum possible taxable income in the tax returns. Most clients hire tax consultancies on contract basis to look after all their tax matters and tax planning and also for acting as their representatives during audit of their accounts. The consultant files the returns and replies to queries of the tax authorities on behalf of his client. The fees charged by consultants for these services vary depending upon the nature and size of the business.

There are many online tax consultancies offering both on-line and off-line services on all above mentioned services. They collect all required and relevant information from their clients and submit the tax returns online on behalf of their clients. They keep in touch with their clients regularly both online and off- line in providing all above mentioned services.

Some of the Tax Consultancies are mentioned below which perform both online and offline having branches in most cities of India.
1) (K.K.Bansal &Co., Delhi)
2) (Sine wave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune)
3) (H.O. Mumbai)
4)RSM Astute Consulting, Mumbai
5)Neeraj Bhagat & Co., New Delhi
6)G.K. Management Services (India) Ltd., Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad
7)Krupa Associates, Ahmedabad
8) for Pune region
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Understanding Types of Computer Hardware and Accessories

A computer is a combination of different types of hardware components and accessories assembled into a system. Let us have a look at them.

  • Monitor: Monitor is the screen of the computer on which we get the electronic visual display of the textual and graphic information. Based on the type of monitor we use, we can get different types of display like CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Touch Screen, etc.
  • CPU or Central Processing Unit: This is the most important part of a computer which contains numerous microprocessors systematically arranged and sequenced. It is responsible for the various arithmetic and logical operations of the computer
  • Mother Board: Mother board contains provision for various sockets and slots for connecting CPU with different hardware and accessories of computer. It serves as the base for making the computer a complete working unit.
  • Key Board: Key board is the device for input of various texts, numerical and other characters by pressing the keys.
  • Mouse: Mouse is a pointing device with two dimensional motions on surface. It is used as an aid for quicker performance of work.
  • Hard Drive: It is also known as Hard Disc and is an important component for permanent storage of information which is not lost even when computer is turned off.
  • RAM: It is Random Access Memory and is used for processing applications when computer is on.

Other Important Parts

  • Storage Devices are used for storing and copying information into other external devices such as CD, DVD, and USB.
  • PSU or Power Supply Units are used for converting AC power to low power DC for computer working.
  • Printers are image output devices for printing text, images and graphic documents for external storage and publishing, etc., while scanners and web cameras are used as image input devices.
  • Head phones and speakers are used for as audio output devices while microphone is used as an audio input device.
  • Joystick is an input device which is used for video games. It is a stick pivoting on a base reporting its angle or direction to the device or object that is controlled.

There are various suppliers for computer hardware and accessories. Chief manufacturers for CPUs and Microprocessors include Intel, IBM, AMD etc., while for different other parts like monitors, hard drives, printers, webcams etc. the top manufacturers include Microsoft, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony. CCS Infotech (Chennai), AARS Computers (Delhi), Adaptek Automation Technology (Tamil Nadu) are some of the leading, AML Electronics (New Delhi) are some of the leading suppliers of computer parts.
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Advantages and Installation of EPABX Systems

EPABX Systems

EPABX or Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange is one of the most useful and efficient telecommunication machines that are used in the modern business world. It is used to connect the business organizations with the help of a network series.

Several advantages of an EPABX system are as follows:
  • Connects Internal Calls: Due to the presence of an online directory in the system, all the extension numbers are easily available and calls can be connected without any human intervention.
  • Easily Programmable: If this system is correctly programmed, then calls can be easily directed to the required departments without any hassle.
  • Handling Call Traffic: A single line can receive multiple calls at the same time, without much waiting time and busy tones making it easy for the receiver and the caller, both.
  • Mobile: Since the system comes as a hands-free set, there is a lot of liberty for movement.
  • Speed Dialling: Due to speed dialling feature, a single button pressed can reduce the hassle of dialling several numbers making the calling process easy.
  • Music: Even if a call is kept on hold, there is a choice of playing lovely hold music rather than the boring busy tone or dial tone like noise.
  • Tracking: The EPABX system helps to track various calls from people thereby helping companies to keep a record of the calls done, missed and received. This aids the business and also works as proof in necessary times.

Due to the several advantages, it is important that a flourishing business installs this communication system. Before installation, it is necessary to make sure that the place where this machine is to be installed is protected from rain, has proper power backup, is dust free and has air conditioning, the electrical wires are earthed, and is safe for operation.

Then a diagram needs to be made that will specify the entire setup. The wiring in the connecting rooms must be completed as part of the next step. Finally the EPABX machines needs to be programmed depending on the company's requirement. The entire installation process can take from a few hours to a few days’ time. It all depends on the size and the range of the EPABX system.
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Scope of Real Estate Business in North India

There is a vast scope for real estate business in North India in present scenario. The demand for real estate properties had decreased in previous years due to the gloom picture of economic slowdown. But the conditions have improved recently and investments in real estate have picked up momentum again.

The real estate business is inter-linked with industrial growth and urbanization. With the increased attraction towards modern infrastructure and technology, people are drifting towards cities from rural areas and demand is ever increasing for real estate properties. Demand for residential property has increased too much as against supply. Because of lesser availability of housing plots and flats, people are willing to pay more to get the property which in turn has attracted more and more business men towards realty sector eyeing the profits in this sector. A number of real estate companies construction services sectors have developed in and around the cities of Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Mohali, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Ludhiana. 

Real Estate Business in India

With the advent of more and more multi- national and IT companies in Indian cities, the realty sector has a very lucrative future in India. The change in our government policies and boom in IT industry supported by expanding tourism and travel industry and changing atmosphere of family relationships are all contributing to the growth of realty sector. Seven townships planned along Delhi-Jaipur expressway recently indicate this trend of growing attraction towards realty business. Some of the top most real estate companies in north India are DLF Ltd., OMAXE Ltd., UNITECH, ANSAL API, Parsvanath Developers Ltd., Jaypee Homes and Raheja Developers etc.

People are becoming more and more attracted towards the modern stylish life of living in gated communities, luxurious villas, sky high apartments with lucrative designs, luxurious life styles with hi-fi modern amenities and recreational facilities all within the gated community. With all these factors contributing to the increasing demand for residential apartments, the real estate business has a very good fortune in store. The increasing support from government through relaxation of realty business laws and making availability of loans easier for this sector, the real estate companies can prosper a lot in this business.
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Some Popular Must Have Electrical Gadgets

We are all surrounded by gadgets that run on electricity. It seems impossible for us to pass a day without these gadgets as we are so used to them. Let us take a look at the gadgets that rule our lives.

The most important electrical gadget that is found in every home, office, shop and hotel is a refrigerator. This machine is so much a part of our lives that most rented accommodations and hotel rooms are equipped with it. Not only does it store food in the raw form, but it also is a good way to preserve cooked food. This solves the problem of cooking everyday which is a great benefit for people who are working and have a tight schedule.

CCTV Camera


LCD Television

Another gadget that people cannot do without is the air conditioner. In summers it is used to cool the indoor spaces, and in winters, the AC acts like a heater. The changing seasons would be quite tough to bear had there been no electricity. Imagine the last time the current in your house tripped and you had to spend the entire day without electricity. One thing that you would have missed the most was probably the AC.

TV is also one of the electrical gadgets that rule the market. Be it news you want to watch, serials and soaps, or whether you want to connect it to your Xbox to play games, a TV is a must. Ovens also qualify as an electric gadget that is a must have in every kitchen, be it home or a restaurant. Cooking becomes easy and healthy with an oven. And with every passing day, when people are becoming more and more conscious about the food they consume, ovens are gaining popularity.

Finally, there are the electric lamps and power sources. Though a basic gadget, tube lights and lamps are some things one cannot do without. No matter where you stay, it is almost impossible for a modern man to live without the above mentioned electrical gadgets.
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Kundan Jewellery - One of India's Most Popular Jewellery Styles

India has always been known for its finery in clothes and jewellery. The designs of gold and silver ornaments have remained unmatched to this day. In the meantime, several other variants have made entries into the jewellery market of India. Kundan jewellery is one such example that has created a special impact in the fashion world for women from all ages.

Kundan is the oldest and the traditional form of gem setting. It was mostly prevalent in areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat and evidence of this type of jewellery can be seen in the paintings of the Rajasthan Rulers of ancient India. Earlier, the gem stones used in these ornaments were agates, topaz, carnelians, tourmalines, jade, emerald, sapphire, amethysts, and rhinestones. But as time passed, these precious and semi-precious stones got substituted by less expensive ones. It was considered a family tradition to pass on a piece of such jewellery generation after generation.

Today, when fashion statements have changed, Kundan jewellery is being treated as a fashion item and is used like costume jewellery. Not only Indian celebrities, but Hollywood stars are also seen sporting these ornaments in public events. It is gaudy and rick in look and is like a treat to the eyes, if it is teamed up perfectly with ethnic Indian wear. Even brides in India prefer such jewellery designs to bring a gorgeous touch to their heavy bridal wear.

Some other types of Indian jewellery that have won the hearts of women around the globe are Filigree and Meena jewellery. Some also have a fascination towards lac ornaments and beads. Filigree and Meena ornaments have very intricate designs and are available in many colours. The colours are added while the designs are being created and that is the reason that these colours are extremely long lasting. The designs of such jewellery are inspired by the Mughal paintings and also the designs on the Taj Mahal. Lac jewellery is made by hardening the tree sap and then shaping it. Though tedious, the end result is fantastic.

All the different varieties of Indian jewellery are exquisite and are beautifully crafted.
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How to Invest in Various Tax Schemes

Investing in tax saving schemes should start from the beginning of the year itself instead of postponing the activity to the year end. There are many tax saving options available to the investors. Proper planning should be done by considering all available options and the right decision is to be taken. For better utilization of the available schemes, investors can seek the help of tax consultancy firms by paying a nominal fee. A brief description of the available tax saving options is given below for better utilization.

Section 80C
Under section 80C of Income-Tax Act, total admissible deduction for tax saving schemes is Rs. 1 lakh per annum. The following schemes are covered under this section.
  • EPF: Employee Provident Fund deducted from salaries of the employee is tax exempted. It is deducted at 12% of the basic salary and an equal amount of contribution is made by the employer to the account. It is a good scheme for salaried class. The employee has an option to contribute more than 12% also subject to the maximum limit of Rs.1 lakh. Interest earned on this amount is tax free.
  • PPF: Public Provident Fund is tax exempted up to a ceiling of Rs. 70,000 contribution per year. This is for people not covered by EPF scheme. This fetches an interest rate of 8% which is lower than EPF. Interest earned is tax free. But funds are locked for 15 years in this scheme.
  • NSC: Amount invested in National Saving certificates is also tax free. But interest earned under this scheme is taxable at maturity.
  • Fixed Deposits: Bank Fixed Deposit with tax saving schemes is also exempted under this section subject to the total exemption of Rs.1 lakh. But interest earned is taxable at maturity.
  • Senior Citizen Saving Schemes: These options are available for 60 years and above old or to those voluntarily retired after 55 years. But interest is taxable.
  • Equity Linked Saving Schemes: These schemes known as ELSS are market related investments for not less than 3 year period and are covered for tax savings. These investments are popular as they reap good returns. But interest is taxable.
  • Unit Linked Insurance Plans: ULIP is also market related and good as it offers double benefits of insurance cover and equity investment benefits. Interest is taxable.

In addition to above options, Section 80C includes the tuition fees paid for children, LIC premiums and Home Loan installment payments also under the Rs.1lakh deduction admissible limit.

Section 80CCF
Introduced in Finance Bill 2010-11, another Rs.20,000 tax deduction benefits is allowed on investments made in infrastructure bonds of some notified organizations for a minimum period of 5 years. This is in addition to the normal limit of Rs.1lakh under section 80 C.

Section 80D
Under this section, health insurance premiums paid up to Rs.15, 000 for self and Rs.15, 000 for parents (Rs.20, 000 in case of senior citizens) is exempted from tax.

Section 80E
The entire interest paid on educational loans for self, spouse and children is exempted from tax.

Section 24
Under this section, tax benefits are allowed up to Rs.1, 50,000 on all interest payments.

One needs to weigh the pros and cons of each investment and have a careful comparison, before selecting the investment option. If you are a new tax payer then you can take advise from income tax consultants. They will provide you an easy and profitable way in which you can save your tax as well as some handsome investments also for a better and worthy future.
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Indian Automotive Industry: An Outlook

The automotive industry in India can be classified into four broad categories. The first group consists of the two wheelers. Under this category, there are the scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and electric two wheelers. Next are the passenger vehicles that comprise of buses, shuttle cars and vans. The next category is the commercial carrier. They are cars, trucks, and other heavy and light-weight vehicles. Finally, there is also the three-wheeler category.

In 1991, this sector was de-licensed and the gates were opened to world players in this field. Since then there has been no looking back. Most of the top automobile companies have targeted India as one of their prime markets. The last two years have seen a 26% growth in this sector. Currently India is the largest three-wheeler market and has the second largest two wheeler market. Its growth in the bus and truck segment is also quite huge. Since this industry promises growth, thereby improving the economic stature of India, the government has also taken steps to catalyse the growth.

The Automotive Mission Plan 2016 that has been implemented from 2012 aims to take the market to a size of $145 billion. However, there are a few deterrents in the way. The first one is the growing fuel cost. Then there are things like registration cost, excise duty, and road tax. Also the recession in the market is playing things down in a great way.

These few deterrents can slow the growth, but they cannot stop it. The main reason why the automotive industry in India is bound to grow is because the population of India is finding different ways to be employed. This is increasing affordability of the cars. The cars are being manufactured so that they can be fuel efficient. People are resorting to alternate fuel means so that the cost of fuel can be curtailed. Finally, the automobiles are becoming a necessity. Even in the rural areas, they are being used widely not only for travelling, but also for farming and as carriers.

The automotive industry in India has come a long way and the growth will continue for a long time.
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Things That Interest Modern Indian Women

There has been a sea change in the way women have evolved from the past. They have come out from behind closed doors, received education, been enlightened, found economic independence and have established themselves to be at par with men. During this evolution, there have been various things that have caught their attention; but the top three things that interest women most are quality life, fairness in livelihood and the goal to become successful.

Gone are the days when women could be kept indoors, manipulated to suit the male dominated society and snubbed down under the curtain of heavy jewelry and gaudy clothes. The modern Indian woman looks at equality and fairness. She understands that her life can improve only when she gets a fair chance to stand on her own feet and shun dependency completely.

Here we are not just talking about the women who work in corporate houses and sit in air conditioned offices working on laptops. We are also referring to all those women in the suburbs and villages in India who have realized that they should have economic independence. These women are engaged in handicrafts, milk revolution, small scale units, cottage industries and many more. This has not only given them freedom from economic dependency, but has also allowed them to see things in a different light. This liberty has also given them the strength of fighting odds, raising their voice against physical torture and also made them able to raise their children on their own terms.

With every small step that women take, they realize that sky is the limit. Every sphere has a woman sitting on the top chairs. Not only has their ambition led them to fulfill their goals, they have understood the importance of fairness in life. This has given meaning and direction to the livelihood, and improved the quality of life. It would be wrong to say that women are not lured towards good clothes, or accessories, or footwear or even cosmetics. They do love to shop. But this is not the basis of their life. Their life receives meaning from the work they do.
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Growth Statistics for Industries that Kept on Rolling in 2012

Just like every year, it is the time to evaluate the growth performance of different industries. 2012 witnessed some promising industries fulfilling the growth expectations. Technological advancements as well as human efforts continued to add new dimensions to the businesses in different sectors. Statistical evaluations of some of the top industries should present a better picture.

Big data industry maintained the steady growth rate of nearly 2% this year as well. The industry, as anticipated in the beginning of 2012, showed 6-7 times more growth than other technology-reliant sectors. The IT industry in the countries like India proved to be another winner of the year. Software export from the country in particular recorded the growth of about 11%, with substantial contribution from the growing SME sector.

Healthcare and wellness industry attained the mark of being a trillion dollar industry in 2012. The recent US Census Bureau’s report has announced the annual revenue of the industry at $1.668 trillion. The closely related elder care industry is another worth mentioning achiever for the year.

Cloud computing grew significantly over the year. Many credit the industry’s growth to the HIPAA act that instructed secure storage of health records. A number of surveys report that the industry will attain value between $120 billion and $140 billion in the next two years. With profit margins of the IT consulting industry increasing by more than 8% every year, it is another name that deserves mention in the list.

Environment consulting maintained the annual growth rate of about 40% and residential construction industry recorded growth by 18% in 2012. Mobile game developing industry is growing by nearly 400% every year and this year was not an exception. E-commerce industry grew by 10-11% from 2007 to 2012 and is certainly going to expand further.

Region wise industrial growth statistics are also notable in different categories. For example, the banking industry in Cambodia recorded 30% increase in the amount that the country’s banks lent to different sectors. The tourism industry in Calgary boasts of growth by 6.5%.

Other industries that made to the list include VoIP services, biotechnology, video gaming, warehousing, shipping and outsourcing industries.
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B2B and SME Sectors in 2012 – Five Important Growth-defining Steps

2012 will be remembered as another important year in the growth of small and medium enterprises (SME) across the world. The owners of these businesses have certainly gained better grounds through increasing business to business (b2b) commerce activities. The geographical distance between the business buyers and sellers was further reduces, leading to billion dollar revenue growth for the SME owners.

Increased government participation to aid SME sector in the countries like India was seen this year. The introduction of Procurement Policy in April and online cluster development programs are some noteworthy examples. The Ministry of MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in the country was seen busy launching or reviving impressive schemes like credit guarantee scheme, marketing assistance scheme and international cooperation scheme.

The shift from field to digital marketing and sales approach continued in 2012 and lead to some noteworthy statistics. More numbers of SME owners were seen having business websites and utilizing online B2B directories for global exposure. Internet attained more popularity for being a cost-effective and flexible medium for all b2b related activities.

Social media on the internet needs no introduction. This year, SMEs recognized the significance of harnessing online social media tools for the purposes like business networking, direct business interactions and marketing. Online reputation management through social networking websites also impressed the business owners to build as well as retain their business image.

Content driven marketing trends in 2012 intended at informing, educating and guiding the B2B buyers. Focus was mainly on the content that can provide exposure to SME owners, but at the same time help the b2b buyers to take the right decision. Increased enquiries and visits to the business websites resulted from the trends.

Finally, the role of mobile was realized to impress the b2b buyers who travel frequently. These buyers were able to access online product catalogues and search B2B directories using mobile phones. Direct sales force became a stronger channel for the buyers and the sellers through the use of portable data.

The upcoming year will be no short of new surprises for the b2b and SME sectors. However, the participants in these sectors have enough reasons to bid adieu to 2012 on a highly positive note.
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Tips for Business Owners to Celebrate New Year

Big business firms and corporate houses throw lavish New Year parties to celebrate their existence and success. Building new business relationships and maintaining the existing ones are among the motives behind such grand parties. Needless to say, many business tycoons consider it a matter of great repute to celebrate the occasion with eminent people from all walks of life.

Small and medium business owners also find New Year parties as good mediums for business networking. A good idea they can utilize to make these celebrations more meaningful is to give away business gifts and memorabilia. There are unlimited ideas that the business owners may cash upon. New Year calendars, desktop items, decors, coffee mugs, key chains, caps and t-shirts are among the most impressive gifts for business clients, customers and associates.

Business employees too can be presented New Year gifts that can add to their performance in the upcoming year. Travel bags, smart phone chargers, Bluetooth headsets, flash drives, GPS systems and many such ideas can be harnessed to make the employees happy. Performance awards and bonuses can also be planned on the occasion.

Businesses offering on the spot services to the customers can celebrate New Year while generating sales. Restaurant owners, for example, can arrange for special cuisines and dance and music performances. Stores selling different items can offer special discounts and hot deals to attract the buyers. It can also be a great opportunity to organize stock clearance sales as the occasions inspire a lot of individuals to indulge in shopping. Online New Year sales and discounted deals are already attaining popularity in this direction.

New Year celebrations may also accompany setting up of new business goals and resolutions. It can be the right time to unleash new business products and schemes. New Year business promotions are sure to gather attention from the targeted audiences. Create special business promos and presentations and circulate them on the internet. Social networking websites can help you connect with your business customers during the celebrations. Create special business messages or involve your followers on these websites in interesting conversations and group interactions.
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