Understanding the Differences Between an Electric Stove and an Induction Cooker

Various types of cooking appliances are available today. Apart from gas cook tops and electrical cook tops, the induction cooker is another variety of cooking appliance which is used in most of the kitchens today. The induction cooker has a wide number of advantages compared to the electrical stove. Moreover induction cookers are safe and efficient in comparison to the other cooking appliances used these days.

Induction Cooker

Basic Differences of Electric Stove and Induction Cooker

Induction cookers are quite popular and widely used as it has many advantages unlike the gas cook tops and electrical stoves. Some of the major differences of the induction cooker and electric stove are discussed in the following sections.

Light and portable: The induction cookers are basically light and portable. It can be carried around easily unlike the electrical stove which is quite heavy. Moreover, it is quite easy to install the induction cookers on kitchen countertops.

Electric Stove

Energy efficient: Compared to the electrical stoves, the induction cookers are quite energy efficient. In induction cookers, heat is seldom wasted while cooking food. Electric stoves require more energy compared to the induction cookers.

Safe and user friendly: Unlike the other cooking appliances, which involve gas and more electric power, the induction cooker is safe to use as it seldom heats up or causes any type of health hazard.

Uniform heat: Induction cookers heat and cook the food in a uniform heat. It works when the induction coils present in the cooker heats up and creates a magnetic field. Therefore the pots placed on the induction cooker should be stainless steel based or induction based pots. Only compactable pots can be used on induction cookers to cook food.

Heat adjustability: Unlike the electric stove, the induction cookers have adjustable heating facilities. Different heat can be adjusted for boiling, frying, cooking and stewing. It also takes minimal time to cool.

Improved functions: The induction cooker is in-built with a number of functions. Today a variety of induction cookers with advanced features are available in many of the online stores.

Compared to the electrical stoves, the induction cookers are safe with automatic shut-down features in case of any possible hazards. Today majority of the kitchens include induction cookers as it is both safe and efficient.


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The induction range is in-built with a variety of functions. These days a wide range of induction ovens with innovative functions are available in many of the websites.

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