Effects of Union Budget on Indian Export Business

According to the reforms mentioned in the Union budget of 2010, the export sector of the country is likely to expect a surge in various fields. The year 2009 witnessed a sharp decline in the agricultural production due to the delay in monsoons. The decline in food production has led to the subsequent rise in the food prices. Prices of rice, oil and grains soared in the year 2009-10.

Impact on Export Sector

However, the finance minister has propagated various reforms for the benefit of the export sectors in the country. Many of the SME sectors, handicrafts, carpets and handloom sectors have been offered funds with 2 percent interest. The government has also announced certain reforms on taxes on specific export products.

The handicraft sector has benefited little from the reforms announced in the Union budget of 2010. The handicraft exporters are still not exempted from taxes which are major issues concerning the exporters. The labour intensive sectors such as the handicraft sector have had an unfavourable impact due to the reforms put forth during the Union budget.

Most of the export sectors which include the leather factories, jewelleries, marine, textiles and so forth have achieved little with the concessions allotted in the budget proposals. According to the recent budget proposals, the indian exporters could pay the service tax to the transporters after claiming the refunds instead of paying it first.

The excise duty on cotton and synthetic fibres has been increased by 4 percent which benefit some of the cotton industries. However, the excise duty on synthetic fibres will increase the end prices of the goods. The price rates of the raw materials are considerably high and as a result the prices of the export goods are also higher which increases the burden on the export sector.

While some of the measure and policies announced in the Union budget do bring in some relief to certain export sectors of the country, there are many sectors which have benefited little from the reforms and policies. There are still many SME sectors which need proper assistance in the form of structural adjustments which needs to be attended to by the government.
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Multifaceted Benefits of Online Business Directories

Online Business DirectoryThe widespread use of internet has opened new ventures in the field of business. The emergence of online business directories is one of the latest technological developments to enhance the growth of local businesses. The online business directory is one of the easiest and best ways of advertising business.

In the present day competitive market, it is important for business to acquire proper exposure so as to face current market competitions. There are in fact infinite advantages of using the online business directories and some of the most significant among them are explained in the following sections.

Uses of Online Business Directories

Wide exposure: One of the greatest advantages of using online directories includes wide exposure of businesses in the international markets. The business hubs are platforms where millions of buyers and sellers from around the globe commemorate to conduct business transactions. By listing local businesses in the online directories, it is possible to obtain visibility in the international markets.

Better competition: Another use of the online directories involves participation in the market competition. By listing in the online business portals, your products and services are compared to the other products and chosen according to the quality of the products.

Market evaluation: Through the use of online business directories, it is possible to analyse the market situations. The changing market trends, the strategies adopted by competitors and so forth can be analysed accurately to make necessary changes in your products and services.

Economical: The advent of online directories have benefited the Small and Medium industries as it is the most economical and cost effective form of advertising. There are many online directories that offer free online advertising facilities to its customers. This has helped millions of SME sectors to gain the required exposure in the global platforms which would have been impossible otherwise.

Needs of different buyers: Relationships with different buyers and sellers from around the world can be built with the help of online business directories. Through the b2b directories, it is possible to cater to the requirements of the different buyers and sellers from around the world.

With the use of online business directories it is possible to conduct business round the clock which is an added advantage. Apart from the above mentioned uses, there are many more benefits of using the online business directories.

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The Most Fashionable Clothing for Women

Falling in line with the latest fashion trends is quite common not just among youngsters but among men and women of all ages. Designers are keen to experiment with various clothing patterns, designs and vibrant colors that promise to accentuate the beauty of a woman.

Most of us love to keep track of the latest fashion trends and dress accordingly. Different types of clothes are in vogue during different seasons. No matter what you wear, it is important to feel good and comfortable. Carrying your dress with elegance and charm is the essence of being trendy and fashionable.

women fashion wear

women fashion clothing

fashion wear for women

Women Clothing- The Different Fashion Trends

To remain fashionable and chic, you need to know the changing fashion trends. Some clothes stay trendy for a long time whereas some fade away soon. The most popular and fashionable clothes among women include the following.

Jeans: One of the most fashionable women clothing includes jeans which can be paired with any type of shirt, kurta, tees or tunics. Jeans never fade out of fashion. It has been popularised since decades and is still considered the coolest and comfortable casual wear. Jeans with tight fittings and narrow bottoms are known to be the latest trendy wear. Tight jeans can be paired with funky and bright tee- shirts which look quite appealing.

Tunic tops: Coupled with jeans or leggings, the tunic tops are most fashionable wear of the season. Bright colored prints, floral prints and funky designs are bound to attract the attention of a crowd. Tunic tops can be worn on any occasion. Known to be a casual wear, it is one of the trendiest women clothing.

Capri: The knee length Capri pants are among the most fashionable clothing that can be included in your wardrobe. Though capris are usually worn with tee- shirts, it can also be paired with tunics and kurtas. The denim caprise are quite popular among women of all ages.

Leggings: The leggings are available in both full as well as knee length sizes. Leggings with lace, fine net at the end of the pants look ravishing. It can be paired along with a small black dress to appear awesome.

Besides the above mentioned clothing, women’s ethnic wear also includes Salwar Kameez and kurtha churidar which stays in fashion all around the year.
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What Are Different Pneumatic and Hydraulic Tools Used For

Fluid mechanics forms the basis for pneumatic and hydraulic tools that are useful in a number of applications. While pneumatic tools work on the application of pressurized gases, their hydraulic counterparts are designed using mechanical properties of different liquids.

While pneumatic equipments are useful for general applications, hydraulics is the basis of heavy tools and machinery. Various tools designed using pneumatics are simple in design as well as control. On the other hand, the hydraulic components form a part of complex machinery used for heavy works.

The use of these two categories of tools has eased the amount of efforts required in various applications. Some of the most popular pneumatic tools are air wrenches, hammers, drills and chisels. Besides, there are many other tools in this category and some of them worth mentioning are sanders, grinders, paint sprayers and cutting tools. One can find the use of these tools in work at various types of industrial workshops.

Hydraulic tools are much more advanced and complex as compared to the tools that work on the principle of pneumatics. Hydraulic lift jet pump is one of the best examples of tools in this category. This type of hydraulic pump is mainly used in drilling oil from ground. Positive displacement pumps are other popular tools based on hydraulics and they are used in applications that require high liquid pressure. The food refining industry makes use of centrifugal pumps which too are based on hydraulics.

When compared to mechanical tools, the hydraulic and pneumatic tools offer a number of advantages. To begin with, these tools have less initial as well as operating costs as compared to mechanical tools. Even the cost and efforts for maintenance of these tools are significantly lower. At the same time, these tools are highly efficient and have higher working capabilities.

Pneumatic and hydraulic tools are usually quieter in operation as compared to mechanical tools. Moreover, these are compact tools and require less space for storage. As they don’t require electrical power for operation they are safe and save energy. All these advantages make these two categories of tools widely usable in different industrial applications.

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