An Overview Of Saree Designs And Their Varities

Sarees are popular dresses worn by women in the Southeast Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Burma. In general, the length of a saree ranges between 4 and 9 meters. There are many types of sarees that are mainly designed in various states of India.

A saree is a popular festival wear in different parts of India. Besides, wedding sarees are inseparable parts of the Indian weddings in different states of the country. Fashion sarees are big craze among high class women. One can see Bollywood actresses and top models of the country wearing different styles of fashion sarees. In some parts of India, especially in the Southern states, sarees are worn as regular wear.

Sarees are also popular as workplace uniforms in different industries. For example, the air hostesses in the Indian airlines are often seen wearing sarees as their official uniforms. Besides, women working at hotels and resorts are also found dressed up mostly in sarees. The types of sarees are generally classified on the basis of the part of the country in which they are made.

The northern states like Uttar Pradesh have Banarasi sarees as a popular variety. These are mainly made up of silk and are popular for wonderful embroidery done on them. In the western states like Gujarat and Rajasthan, the two popular types of sarees are Bandhani and Patola. While Bandhani sarees are designed using tie-dye technique, while the Patola sarees are hand-woven designs having beautiful patterns.

The popular types of sarees in the central states include Chanderi sarees, Kosa silk sarees and Maheshwari sarees. The most popular sarees are designed in the southern states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. For instance, the Kanchipuram sarees designed in the Southern India are the woven silk sarees that are known for their zari work and attractive luster. Mysore silk sarees are other popular designs that are internationally famous for the zari work done on them.

Sarees are found in a huge variety of colors like red, pink, magenta, yellow, orange and so on. The modern day designers come up with other popular colors like blue, green and golden. Different types of embellishments used for these sarees include sequins, stones, beads, mirrors and so on.

If you have a saree store, you must learn about the popular types of sarees in your area. You can obtain a huge variety of saree designs for your customers from different suppliers available online.


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