Designer Handbags: Fashion And Style Packed In

Designer handbags or branded handbags have become the inseparable part of women’s wardrobe. Most of the people are of the view that these fashion accessories came into being in the 20th century, which is half true. The concept of carrying handbags is centuries old, though the breed of fashionable designer bags indeed prospered in the last century.

As the ancient man felt the need of traveling from one place to another on foot, he required something to carry his belongings. It was the idea of men, and not women, to devise something like a bag. In the beginning, leaves and wood were the materials used for making bags that were carried in hand.

The concept of making handbags that could be hung from waist was most probably devised in Egypt. By the Middle Ages approached, handbags became equally popular among men and women. The bags used at that time were designed to be hung from the shoulders. During the 16th century, the bags made of leather and cloth came into existence.

designer handbags

The small sized branded handbags used today are inspired by the bags used in the 17th century. Embroidered handbags too were discovered to start the era of designer handbags. It was the time, when women started ruling the world of purses and men used them occasionally.

The smallest of the bags called pouches were immensely popular during that period. These purses were placed by women in the under pockets of the clothes they wore. However, the trend changed when the style of clothing for women changed. To meet the new requirements, reticules were discovered that would help the women to carry their fashion accessories. These purses were highly fashionable and matched the type of clothes women wore in that era.

With the beginning of the 20th century, the term ‘handbag’ became popular in use. For men, these handbags were the luggage bags that they would use to carry their clothes and other items while traveling. For women, the term handbags referred to the attractive fashion items that they would carry to social gatherings. Every thing, from cosmetics to sunglasses, occupied space in these bags that would now come with two or more compartments.

It was in the middle of the 20th century that different accessories and embellishments started getting added to the designer handbags. Zips, metal frames, mirrors and many such items became popular to enhance the looks of handbags. The branded handbags were all in rage, when the renowned brands like Hermes and Chanel started manufacturing bags in different styles.

The present time is the most exciting time for the admirers of fashionable designer handbags. One can find a number of popular brands who come up with innovated designs on regular basis. If you wish to start a handbag store, you can easily import the wonderful varieties of fashion bags form all parts of the world.

Designer handbags are popular as gift items as well. One can purchase these handbags on the occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and weddings. These fashion accessories have indeed come a long way to gain the status they enjoy today.
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Best Online Trade Portals in India- A Glimpse

With the advent of internet technology, business has escalated to newer heights. The introduction of online trade portal has changed the face of business. The b2b web portals or the business to business directories enable better transactions between buyers, sellers, exporters and importers. There are many online business portals in India which have facilitated better business opportunities for exporters and importers of the country.

The Trade Portal in India

The trade portal enables users to promote their products and services by posting details about their products. Both the small and the large companies benefit from the business to business web portals as it is most effective and inexpensive method of advertising products. Through such web portals, it is easier to gain exposure in the global market. There are several business portals in India which occupy top position among the global web directories.

Some of the most important business directories of India include:
  • IndiaMart: IndiaMart has been redefining the b2b industry not just in India but all across the world. It occupies a prominent place among the top ten best b2b directories in the world. The unique trade leads generated by this business portal has helped to take business to a new level.
  • Made From India: Known to be the best online trade portal in India, this business directory has quite a large number of importers, manufacturer, exporters and buyers listed in their portal. Millions of buyers and sellers from around the globe find genuine trade leads through this business portal.
  • Trade India: Another relevant business to business directory which serves as an excellent platform to more than a million buyers and sellers all over the world.
  • Eindiabusiness: Yet another trade portal in India which occupies a prominent position in the b2b industry is Eindiabusiness web portal. Indian exporters and importers find genuine leads through this business portal.
  • Exporters India: A trade portal which helps to expand business in many verticals. This web portal supports business transactions between a number of exporters and importers from all over the world.

The B2B Trade Portal

Through the online business portals, exporters and importers of the country has obtained the advantage of sharing a common platform where business transaction takes place without an intermediary. There are many advantages of using these business directories. The Small and Medium industries of the country has benefited immensely with the use of these web portals.

The business to business portals in India facilitates the growth of overall business ventures of the country. It has aided in the promotion of business for the SME sector in India. This is one of the most sophisticated marketing techniques whereby companies acquire exposure in the global platforms. Such trading processes have helped to generate more revenue by increasing business opportunities.

The b2b portals in India serve as an efficient marketing tool essential for the progress of the country. Such online business portals have eliminated many complex issues involved in a usual business transaction and thereby pave way for successful and profitable business transactions.
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Most Popular Ladies Footwear and Accessories

An overwhelming range of ladies shoes sandals exist in the market. The ladies footwear not only differs in terms of style and design, they also offer variety in terms of colors and materials. There are many things that women consider while purchasing shoes. Fortunately, the variety of women shoes available in the market fulfills specific demands through one style or the other.

Ladies shoes can be best purchased through the online stores. These stores are able to offer latest collections of ladies footwear as soon as they are released. You can also compare the designs of shoes, along with the manufacturing brands. Before that, it is important to learn what types of women shoes are among the popular options these days.

ladies footwear

Shoes with Heels

Ladies shoes with heels are fashionable variety of shoes that a woman can wear to her workplace, parties and social functions. However, one should be comfortable walking in them to avoid any embarrassing accident. Pumps and stilettos are among the popular varieties of women shoes with heels. Shoes with wedge heels offer variety in the length of the heel, making it easier for women to choose the best one.

ladies footwear & accessories

Flats without Heels

Those who are not comfortable with ladies shoes with heels can divert their attention towards a huge variety of flats available in the market. They may or may not have straps and women choose one of the designs on the basis of personal preferences. Flats can be worn with all types of dresses, including skirts, jeans and trousers.

Fashionable Sandals

Nothing can compare the classiness and beauty of ladies shoes sandals that a number of reputed manufacturers launch in variety of designs and styles. Ladies prefer to wear them with formal dresses, especially long gowns worn for evening parties. These shoes are also among the most suitable choices for wedding.

Latest Ladies Footwears

Closed Mules

Mules are popular as workplace shoes as they are closed in the front. This prevents women’s feet from getting dirty due to dust and dirt. In general, these shoes are backless and are available in a number of bright colors. You can also prefer to wear them with short dresses as the combination surely attracts attention.

Adventurous Boots

Women who are adventurous choose boots as the perfect footwear that matches their attitude. Boots with lengths up to thighs are the favorites of millions of women around the world. The use of high-grade leather to manufacture these boots further adds to their popularity and class.

Some other varieties of ladies shoes include platform shoes, wedges and ankle straps. Women prefer to have more than one variety of these shoes to wear the right pair according to the occasion. While some women prefer to match the colors of their shoes with their dresses, others mind it more suitable to create a contrasting look.

Looking fashionable in shoes is one aim of the women and feeling comfortable is another. The shoes fulfilling both the requirements are obviously regarded as best by women. Price is another factor that women consider while purchasing shoes. Again, the online stores help them best to find shoes in their set budgets.
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Present and Expected Future Growth of Catering Services Business

Catering services business is a rewarding option with huge potential of growth. Considering the importance of social celebrations and events, corporate cultures and social lifestyle, you can consider the catering industry to expend its status and profitable nature further.

Catering services providers are finding recognition at small as well as big levels. The catering industry is not only favorable for home based businesses; it is helping the social caterers to make big profits. Though, it is obvious that only those service providers in the industry succeed who are able to withstand this demanding business option.

As far as the current trends of catering services industry are concerned, it has attained status among top industries with an ever-increasing demand of various services offered by it. Social caterers in the United States, for example, make sales of over 6.5 billion dollars every year. This figure should significantly increase if the sales generated by home-based and unknown caterers are added to it.

The restaurant industry came up with good figures even when other industries were struggling during the period of recession. The consumers in the United States spend about 50 percent of their total food budget in the restaurants. This clearly indicates how the establishments like restaurants, cafes and other types of eateries are growing their profits year after year.

The catering services industry in the developing countries too is enjoying the favorable period of growth. The countries like India has its people adopting to the new lifestyles which include better food preparations for different types of social and cultural functions and increased habit of people to eat in restaurants regularly.

The main promising factors that ensure that the catering industry is going to maintain its consistent growth for the years to come include:
  • Household with higher income are helping the catering industry to flourish. In the developing countries as well, the household income is increasing at a fast pace. So, more and more people are attracted towards the catering industry and the services offered by it.
  • Corporate culture that holds a number of meetings, conferences, business lunch and dinner parties are becoming greatly dependent upon the catering industry services. The trend might not be that new for the developed countries, but the countries that have recently discovered the corporate culture are helping in the industry to attain popularity.
  • Birthday parties, wedding receptions and other types of family events are more and more relying upon the catering service providers. This is mainly because of the increase in number of working mothers that give them less time to do preparations in the kitchen.
  • Finally, people are getting more attracted towards the fashion of eating out with families and friends. This type of lifestyle is again new for the developing countries.

As you can have an idea from the discussion above, the catering services industry is one of the best options for those planning to have their own business. Start with a good business plan and keep an eye on the existing competition to have a successful catering business.
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An Overview of Shipping and Cargo Industry in India

Shipping companies have always been applauded for their contribution towards international trade. The global marketplace is highly dependent upon the shipping businesses that facilitate different countries to import and export anything to everything existing on this planet. It can be easily said that the shipping and cargo industry has enjoyed a glorious history right from its inception.

Trade ships of various kinds are operating in thousands around the world. The importance of this industry is expected to keep on rising with growing popularity of the concept of global marketplace. Here is a discussion providing an overview of the cargo shipping businesses.

Three Big Advantages
There are three main advantages that make shipping a superior mode of transportation over other modes:
  • Ships of different types can be used to transport cargo which may be of any size or weight.
  • Ships contribute less towards the environmental pollution as compared to the land based transportation modes.
  • Despite of their growing demand, ships have always been the cheapest mode of connecting the trading company across the globe.

Cyclic Highs and Lows
An interesting aspect of shipping companies is that they experience cyclic highs and lows that are directly linked to the fluctuations in the global economy. Even then, the demand for services offered by shipping businesses has never gone down. The recent global recession is the fresh example which affected the shipping industry at the global level. The countries supplying different types of consumer goods to the world had to suffer due to the downturn. However, the year 2010 saw improvement in the situation and the shipping industry once again headed towards its cyclic boom.

Types of Cargo Ships
The trade ships operated by the shipping companies can be primarily divided into three main categories:
  • Dry bulk carrying ships, which carry goods like coal steel, grains and less weighing goods.
  • Wet bulk ships that carry crude oil, liquid chemicals and paints and other goods in liquid form.
  • Container ships that carry finished goods from the manufacturing countries to the countries where they are consumed.

While dry bulk ships stayed in good form during the recession period and also in the beginning of 2010, the wet bulk ships showed moderate performance. It was the container ships that recorded the adverse effects of recession period. Though, one can expect the things to improve for container ships with the passage of time.

Shipping Business Ownership Statistics
In terms of dead weight tonnage, the shipping companies located in Greece are currently leading the shipping industry. They are followed by the companies located in Japan, Norway, Germany, China and the USA. Panama leads the world in terms of total registered tonnage of 173 million tons. It is followed by Liberia with a round 80 million tons and Bahamas with 47 million tons.

More than 1 million shipping companies are managing nearly 50,000 trading ships of various types around the world. This is indeed a good proof to confirm that cargo shipping industry is the main supporter of the international trade.
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Exclusive Women Dress Designs Which Are In Vogue

For centuries, both men and women have given utmost importance to the kind of clothes they wear. Women in particular love to dress up elegantly and are conscious about their clothing. To cap it all, there are a multitude of dress designs available for women today.

Traditional and Contemporary Styles

The traditional wear in India includes the sarees and the Salwar Kameez. As time progressed, new trends and fashions crept in, blending traditional values and contemporary styles. The dress designs of the eastern culture became well accepted and appreciated.

Today you can find many dress designs which exemplify the western culture. Jeans, T-shirts, gowns, skirts and so forth are found in varieties. Gone are the days when women wore only the traditional wears. Today women love to explore and experiment with latest varieties and trends.

Funky designs, vibrant colors, floral patterns on the dresses are loved and in great demand among the younger generation. No matter what kind of wear- casual, formal or designer wear, women love to have the best attire and appear unique in their dressing.

Designer sarees, lehengas and cholis, Salwar Kameez and so forth are also preferred by women on special occasions. Designer wears have had a special importance in the every person’s life. Expensive and elegant designer sarees are considered absolutely perfect for special occasions like weddings, engagements, festivals and social gatherings. Sarees have known to accentuate the beauty of a woman since decades.

You can also find a plethora of dress designs in the online stores too. Cotton fabrics, woollen materials, scarves and stoles can be bought online at reasonable rates. Most of these products are manufactured according to the latest fashion designs and trends. Each day a new product is launched updating fashion trends.

Choose From a Variety of Designs

There are man varieties of dress materials available in the online stores which include Salwar Kameez, fancy dress material, churidar materials, designer wears and many more. Heavily embroidered suits with beautiful and intricate designs are also available at reasonable rates.

A variety of suit fabrics are also available at different rates. Punjabi suits, chikan embroidered materials, jacquard dress materials are some of the most loved and craved dress designs by most of the women. These dress fabrics are well worth the price and par excellence.

Cotton sarees in addition to the tangali sarees are much in demand due to its availability of versatile colors and designs. These sarees are appreciated even in the global market. Though designer sarees are preferred by women, cotton sarees have a uniqueness which is quite undeniable. It is chic and comfortable and can be worn on any occasion.

A number of amazing dress designs can also be found in cotton kurta fabrics. These dress material are easy to maintain and are of superior quality. Comfortable during summers and easy to wear, it is in great demand these days.

Irrespective of what type of clothes and fabric you choose, it is important to choose clothes that will help to enhance your figure and looks.
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