Best Online Trade Portals in India- A Glimpse

With the advent of internet technology, business has escalated to newer heights. The introduction of online trade portal has changed the face of business. The b2b web portals or the business to business directories enable better transactions between buyers, sellers, exporters and importers. There are many online business portals in India which have facilitated better business opportunities for exporters and importers of the country.

The Trade Portal in India

The trade portal enables users to promote their products and services by posting details about their products. Both the small and the large companies benefit from the business to business web portals as it is most effective and inexpensive method of advertising products. Through such web portals, it is easier to gain exposure in the global market. There are several business portals in India which occupy top position among the global web directories.

Some of the most important business directories of India include:
  • IndiaMart: IndiaMart has been redefining the b2b industry not just in India but all across the world. It occupies a prominent place among the top ten best b2b directories in the world. The unique trade leads generated by this business portal has helped to take business to a new level.
  • Made From India: Known to be the best online trade portal in India, this business directory has quite a large number of importers, manufacturer, exporters and buyers listed in their portal. Millions of buyers and sellers from around the globe find genuine trade leads through this business portal.
  • Trade India: Another relevant business to business directory which serves as an excellent platform to more than a million buyers and sellers all over the world.
  • Eindiabusiness: Yet another trade portal in India which occupies a prominent position in the b2b industry is Eindiabusiness web portal. Indian exporters and importers find genuine leads through this business portal.
  • Exporters India: A trade portal which helps to expand business in many verticals. This web portal supports business transactions between a number of exporters and importers from all over the world.

The B2B Trade Portal

Through the online business portals, exporters and importers of the country has obtained the advantage of sharing a common platform where business transaction takes place without an intermediary. There are many advantages of using these business directories. The Small and Medium industries of the country has benefited immensely with the use of these web portals.

The business to business portals in India facilitates the growth of overall business ventures of the country. It has aided in the promotion of business for the SME sector in India. This is one of the most sophisticated marketing techniques whereby companies acquire exposure in the global platforms. Such trading processes have helped to generate more revenue by increasing business opportunities.

The b2b portals in India serve as an efficient marketing tool essential for the progress of the country. Such online business portals have eliminated many complex issues involved in a usual business transaction and thereby pave way for successful and profitable business transactions.


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