The Utility Driven Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobe forms an integral part of an apartment’s furnishings and with the changing trends, the wardrobe manufacturers too has been portraying them in a number of trendy and contemporary designs. The modern designs are utility driven and are designed keeping in mind the comfort and needs of individuals. There are basically three different kinds of wardrobes which can be selected as per the personal needs and requirements. Have a look at them here:

Standalone Wardrobes
Standalone wardrobes are the simple cupboards which can be placed anywhere in the room. It is a big box like structure which is often made to match the other wooden furnishings in the room. These have ample amount of space with the divisions done in terms of shelves and drawers. Available in a large variety of finishes and designs, standalone wardrobes can be picked up as per the colors and designs of the room.

Sliding Door Wardrobes
Sliding door wardrobe is an example of a comfort driven furniture. It a kind of cupboard wherein the door is not aided to open like the regular door rather it is made to slide with the help of rolling wheels at the bottom. This particular kind of design is used for a room where there isn’t enough outward area to house the door opening. Sliding door available in a number of innovative wardrobe designs too, for example, one can get sliding mirrored doors which add a dash of glamour to the entire room.

Built-In Wardrobes
Built-in wardrobes are the contemporary cupboards made to save and utilize space. These are custom crafted by carpenters and hence, are not actually available in the markets. One can get such custom fitted wardrobes made as per the space and individual budget.

Apart from this, one has to sure of a couple of things before buying an ideal wardrobe like the space offered by a cupboard should suit your requirement. Picking up a too small or too big wardrobe would render discomfort only. Besides, the hanging and shelf space also has to be decent enough. As for the designing part, make sure you pick a kind which matches your existing furniture or else the wardrobe would invariably look out of place.

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