Construction Tools: A Brief Overview

Every country in ranked as per its infrastructure quality and capacity. It is this particular aspect which ensures a sound platform for the development of other industries too. Construction, the term in architectural and engineering terminology refers to the building or assembling of infrastructure. It is actually a multi level activity wherein different infrastructure dimensions are taken care of. The advancement of a nation is reflected from its construction activities.

As important as the construction is, construction tools too, form an integral part of the infrastructure industry. These are the very equipments or instruments which are used for constructing structures and buildings. Requisite construction tools are required for performing various tasks. Few of these construction tools and activities are discussed as under:

Excavating refers to scooping or making a surface hollow. The tools used for this purpose are backhoes, crawlers, shovel, pickaxes etc. For fine excavation, scalpels and trowels are used.

The activity of digging involves the breaking up and turning over of soil. One can use grubbing hoe, cutter mattock or axe for this purpose. Weeder fork hoe is another construction tool meant for digging.

Loading/ Unloading
Loading and unloading process on a construction site refers to the picking up and dropping of heavy construction materials. Most often pulley cranes and trailers are used for this purpose.

The term hauling means to transport material from one place to another. At a construction site, hauling is done by cargo carts or trucks etc.

Demolition refers to the breaking up of an old construction so that a new one can be erected on its place. Also, it is a part of the construction activities. Tools used of demolition are hydraulic splitters, pavement breaker, concrete crusher etc.

Paving is actually the act of laying a pavement or flooring. The various construction tools used for this purpose are, paving block machine, screeders, block carts etc.

Construction of Structures
Construction of structures is the actual act of building up a structure. There are a number of varied construction tools used for this purpose. Few of them include bulldozers, loaders, jack hammers, chippers etc.

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