Spiral Binding Machine: A Review

A spiral binding machine is of immense help to bind multiple booklets. Most of us approach a local binding shop to put together important papers. But it would be a wise idea to invest in a good spiral binding machine if you need to do the job of binding more than often.

There are quite a number of spiral binding machines available in the market today which can help in binding the booklets without the hassles of spending much on professionals. Before you gear yourself to purchase a spiral binding machine, there are a few factors that you need to consider.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

  • The Different types of Machine: There are mainly two types of spiral binding machines-namely the manual and automatic or electrical machines. It is important to choose a machine that suits your needs and preferences. Choosing a machine depends solely on your requirements and budget. Manual machines are quite slow and are suitable if you have lesser work load but it is considerably cheaper compared to the automatic spiral binding machines.
  • Machines with different patterns of holes: Spiral binding machines are available in different patterns. More number of papers can be bound with a spiral binding machine that has a pitch of 4:1. You can choose the pitches according to the number of booklets you need to bind.
  • Machines with different dies for punching: Spiral binding machines are available with different colors of dies like black, electric blue, white and so forth.
  • Machines with various working capacity: Some of the machines are capable of carrying out binding work in huge amounts at a single time. You can purchase a machine according to your workload and requirement.

Use B2B Markets to Purchase Them

The online b2b markets have a wide variety of spiral binding machine that suit your need and budget. You can also opt for used machines which are available at considerably lower rates compared to the brand new ones but will still serve the purpose of binding your booklets. Some of the suppliers of these machines in the b2b markets are Abhay agencies, G.B Tech, E Square systems and so forth.

Spiral binding machines help you to bind multiple booklets, manuals and materials for presentation easily and at a relatively cheaper rate. This machine is extremely useful for professionals too.

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