Garden Statues: Adding Aesthetics to the Garden

Garden SculpturesGarden sculptures are beautiful art pieces which can transform a regular looking garden into an artistic outdoor area. Just a bit of aesthetic sense and a little creativity is all you need, to deck up your garden into an attractive outdoor space. These can be looked upon as ornamental pieces to beautify the garden. A well crafted garden sculptures in form of a statue, fountain or abstract art piece can add volumes of aesthetic and earthen art factor to the courtyard.

Garden statues are extensively used to beautify the garden. Though, one has to be careful about its placement in the backyard. Here are few tips which can help one pick just the right kind of statue for the coveted garden. Have a look:

  • -Every designer garden carries a theme, thus before buying a statue it is essential to know the theme of the garden where the statue needs to be placed. This helps in narrowing down the picking options. For example, look for a Buddha statue which would go perfect within an Asian themed garden while a Japanese garden would invariably require a Japanese statue.
  • -Placement of the statues is an essential aspect of decorating a courtyard. The statues should be aptly placed over the open area. Though, the point of placement also depends on the statue to a certain extent. For example, religious statues are best placed in an isolated part of the garden.
  • -Be moderate in erecting statues in the garden. Overpopulating the area with statues can end up in spoiling an otherwise beautiful garden. A couple of statues placed aesthetically in the garden, are enough to complete the overall look of the outdoor space.
  • - Make sure you are clear with the role of the statue. The choices would be drastically different for a centre piece and a complimentary decorative piece. A centre piece should be big enough to make an impressive visual impact while a decorative piece needs to be suitably complementing to go well with the already placed artifacts in the courtyard.
  • -Once erected, it is important to take proper care of these statues. Paint them well with an anti-weather coating and clean them on frequent intervals.

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