Traditional Versus Modern Women Wears And Clothing

Women Wears And ClothingTalking about women clothing makes more sense than men’s clothing as the former has undergone more changes since the time immemorial. The types of clothing styles for women have always matched the grace the fairer gender reflects. Some of the iconic women, like Cleopatra, in the history devised their own styles of clothing that remained popular for long.

Roman and Islamic women clothing styles were among the most popular dressing styles in the past. These two styles inspire many modern women dresses as well. The Victorian style long gowns became immensely popular and they continue to impress the modern women in different varieties.

The post-industrial revolution period witnessed the popularity of men’s clothing style among women. Trousers, pants, shirts and other styles were adopted by women, especially by those going out of home to earn. Growth of modern fashion began in the 20th century and this was the time when women clothing started shrinking in size and length. Even the traditional dresses and dress designs like gowns were shortened in terms of length to devise a new breed of women gowns.

However, the latest trend in clothing for women mixed the traditional styles with modern ones to give rise to hybrid clothing styles. India is one good example, where one can find a proper mix of traditional and modern women wear. One can find the Indian women dressed up in traditional clothes like sarees, lehnga cholis and salwaar kameez on the festive occasions and for regular wear too. At the same time, the modern women clothing styles like office suits, skirts, jeans and mini-dresses are popular in the country.

One great aspect of the Indian traditional women dresses that keep them popular is the use of embellishments. Beads, stones, mirrors and intricate embroidery designs make traditional women dresses popular at the global level. Each state in India has a different style of women clothing to offer and each one of them is worth admiring.

At the same time, the traditional clothes from India are inspiring modern styles of clothes for women. For instance, short kurti is a popular dress, not only in India but in the countries like the UK as well. One can easily say that this is the period when traditional and modern women clothing styles are greeting one another.

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