Aquarium Fishes-Identifying the Most Popular Varieties

There are a range of items that can be chosen to embellish your home. Choosing a beautiful aquarium is one way to enhance the décor of your living room. A fish tank can be either small or big and it is important to choose one according to the space available in your living room.

A fish tank can contain a number of aquarium fishes. These fishes can add to the aesthetic value of your living room. But it is necessary to choose from among a wide variety of fishes. Fish tanks can be decorated in different ways which can further add beauty to your room.

Aquarium Fishes

The Different Types of Aquarium Fishes

There are more than a hundred different varieties of fresh water fishes which can be selected for home aquariums. Ranging from round and elongated to very large fishes, the variety of aquarium fishes is quite huge. The fishes can be found in different shapes, sizes, designs and attractive colors.

Some of the most common aquarium fishes include the following:

Goldfish: The most popular, beautiful and colorful fish ever known is the goldfish. It is considered to be the most popular fresh water fish. The goldfish is available in a huge variety of colors and shapes. Among the most popular varieties include the common goldfish, fantail, black moor, veil tail and so forth. The exotic varieties include the oranda, pearlscale and the ranchu. Pom- pom and celestial are the two most beautiful varieties of goldfish. The ranch aquarium fishes are available in red and black colors in many of the online stores.

Fish Aquarium

Black molly: Among aquarium fishes, the black molly is considered the favourite among aquarists. It is quite simple to take care of the black molly and it breads easily. Considered to be very social and active, the black molly is known to be an excellent addition to any fish tank.

Angelfish: Found in different colors, the angelfish is also one of the most attractive aquarium fishes. The angelfish is noted for its distinctive shape. It has a tendency to swim together and later gets paired up as males and females as they grow older. The angelfish is one of the most social fishes which should be bought in groups of five or six.

Swordtail: Having an extension which appears like a sword near the tailfin, these fishes can be cared for easily. The swordtail fishes can be found in orange and red colors. These fishes can be a bit aggressive and should not be mixed with smaller fishes.

Guppies: Rearing guppies is quite simple and is ideal for beginners. These fishes breed easily if they are taken care of properly. The male variety of these fishes is available in different attractive colors and patterns unlike the female variety.

There are endless varieties of aquarium fishes and you can choose them according to your choice. Some of the other varieties include the Oscar fish, the Neon tetra, the Rainbow shark, the Paradise fish, the Tiger barb and the Electric yellow lab. All these fishes are known to be the favourites of aquarists.

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