Advantages and Installation of EPABX Systems

EPABX Systems

EPABX or Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange is one of the most useful and efficient telecommunication machines that are used in the modern business world. It is used to connect the business organizations with the help of a network series.

Several advantages of an EPABX system are as follows:
  • Connects Internal Calls: Due to the presence of an online directory in the system, all the extension numbers are easily available and calls can be connected without any human intervention.
  • Easily Programmable: If this system is correctly programmed, then calls can be easily directed to the required departments without any hassle.
  • Handling Call Traffic: A single line can receive multiple calls at the same time, without much waiting time and busy tones making it easy for the receiver and the caller, both.
  • Mobile: Since the system comes as a hands-free set, there is a lot of liberty for movement.
  • Speed Dialling: Due to speed dialling feature, a single button pressed can reduce the hassle of dialling several numbers making the calling process easy.
  • Music: Even if a call is kept on hold, there is a choice of playing lovely hold music rather than the boring busy tone or dial tone like noise.
  • Tracking: The EPABX system helps to track various calls from people thereby helping companies to keep a record of the calls done, missed and received. This aids the business and also works as proof in necessary times.

Due to the several advantages, it is important that a flourishing business installs this communication system. Before installation, it is necessary to make sure that the place where this machine is to be installed is protected from rain, has proper power backup, is dust free and has air conditioning, the electrical wires are earthed, and is safe for operation.

Then a diagram needs to be made that will specify the entire setup. The wiring in the connecting rooms must be completed as part of the next step. Finally the EPABX machines needs to be programmed depending on the company's requirement. The entire installation process can take from a few hours to a few days’ time. It all depends on the size and the range of the EPABX system.

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