Understanding Types of Computer Hardware and Accessories

A computer is a combination of different types of hardware components and accessories assembled into a system. Let us have a look at them.

  • Monitor: Monitor is the screen of the computer on which we get the electronic visual display of the textual and graphic information. Based on the type of monitor we use, we can get different types of display like CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Touch Screen, etc.
  • CPU or Central Processing Unit: This is the most important part of a computer which contains numerous microprocessors systematically arranged and sequenced. It is responsible for the various arithmetic and logical operations of the computer
  • Mother Board: Mother board contains provision for various sockets and slots for connecting CPU with different hardware and accessories of computer. It serves as the base for making the computer a complete working unit.
  • Key Board: Key board is the device for input of various texts, numerical and other characters by pressing the keys.
  • Mouse: Mouse is a pointing device with two dimensional motions on surface. It is used as an aid for quicker performance of work.
  • Hard Drive: It is also known as Hard Disc and is an important component for permanent storage of information which is not lost even when computer is turned off.
  • RAM: It is Random Access Memory and is used for processing applications when computer is on.

Other Important Parts

  • Storage Devices are used for storing and copying information into other external devices such as CD, DVD, and USB.
  • PSU or Power Supply Units are used for converting AC power to low power DC for computer working.
  • Printers are image output devices for printing text, images and graphic documents for external storage and publishing, etc., while scanners and web cameras are used as image input devices.
  • Head phones and speakers are used for as audio output devices while microphone is used as an audio input device.
  • Joystick is an input device which is used for video games. It is a stick pivoting on a base reporting its angle or direction to the device or object that is controlled.

There are various suppliers for computer hardware and accessories. Chief manufacturers for CPUs and Microprocessors include Intel, IBM, AMD etc., while for different other parts like monitors, hard drives, printers, webcams etc. the top manufacturers include Microsoft, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony. CCS Infotech (Chennai), AARS Computers (Delhi), Adaptek Automation Technology (Tamil Nadu) are some of the leading, AML Electronics (New Delhi) are some of the leading suppliers of computer parts.

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