Role and Functions of Online Tax Consultancies

Tax consultants are considered as experts in all financial and tax related matters. They provide advice and guidance in compliance of various tax laws and rules. Their functions include guiding the clients in preparing and filing tax returns, acting as legal representatives in all tax matters and providing expert advice. Their services are very important as they guide the clients on any breach of tax rules and regulations thus saving them from fines and penalties.

The most important role played by tax consultant is to guide the client in preparing and filing the income tax returns accurately and timely. The consultant considers all tax saving matters while preparing the return and gives best presentation of taxable income in the return. Another role played by the tax consultant is to provide expert advice on general tax related matters such as guidance on compliance of taxation laws and rules for starting a business or on changing the existing business.

Accounting and Tax consultants also provided services of reallocating expenses and income to a particular period or to a subsequent different period so as to enable the clients filing minimum possible taxable income in the tax returns. Most clients hire tax consultancies on contract basis to look after all their tax matters and tax planning and also for acting as their representatives during audit of their accounts. The consultant files the returns and replies to queries of the tax authorities on behalf of his client. The fees charged by consultants for these services vary depending upon the nature and size of the business.

There are many online tax consultancies offering both on-line and off-line services on all above mentioned services. They collect all required and relevant information from their clients and submit the tax returns online on behalf of their clients. They keep in touch with their clients regularly both online and off- line in providing all above mentioned services.

Some of the Tax Consultancies are mentioned below which perform both online and offline having branches in most cities of India.
1) (K.K.Bansal &Co., Delhi)
2) (Sine wave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune)
3) (H.O. Mumbai)
4)RSM Astute Consulting, Mumbai
5)Neeraj Bhagat & Co., New Delhi
6)G.K. Management Services (India) Ltd., Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad
7)Krupa Associates, Ahmedabad
8) for Pune region

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