Pros and Cons of Ayurvedic Medicines

The Indian subcontinent has always been an admirer of Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is well known for using natural ingredients like herbs to cure diseases. There are several benefits of using these medicines. But it also has a flip side. Let us take a look at both the positive and negative effects these medicines have.

The main benefits of using these medicines are as follows:

  • Safe and Chemical Free: Since the medicines are made of natural ingredients and chemicals are not used, the harsh effects of chemicals do not affect the consumer.
  • Complete Cure: These medicines do not put a stop gap on the disease; they cure it in a way to prevent the reoccurrence of the disease. It aims at giving a long term cure for the disease.
  • Improves Health: Consumption of these medicines not only cures the disease, but also improves overall health by improving metabolism, reducing stress and bringing tenacity.
  • No Operation: Many people have the phobia of going under the knife. Ayurvedic medicines make sure that you do not have to get operated in situations like Haemorrhoids, bone inflammation, gall bladder stones and removal of non-terminal tumour.
  • Effective Cure: There are several issues related to fields like gynaecology, psychiatry, toxicology, nutrition, detoxification & rejuvenation, and fertility that have effective cures in this form of treatment and do not have any side effects.
Just as there are benefits, there are also a few drawbacks of these medicines. The first drawback that most people point out is that the effects these medicines have on people can vary from person to person. So there is no scientific basis that proves that a medicine is benefiting one and worsening the other's condition.

Next, there are several instances in today's world where a person might be given life support to be kept alive. Ayurvedic medicines can hardly help in these situations and it has been seen that consumption of these medicines has worsened the condition of the patient. Ayurvedic medicines have a slow and gradual effect on the body generally.

Thus it can be concluded, that where on the one hand there are several advantages of these medicines, there are also a few flip sides to its usage.

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