Kundan Jewellery - One of India's Most Popular Jewellery Styles

India has always been known for its finery in clothes and jewellery. The designs of gold and silver ornaments have remained unmatched to this day. In the meantime, several other variants have made entries into the jewellery market of India. Kundan jewellery is one such example that has created a special impact in the fashion world for women from all ages.

Kundan is the oldest and the traditional form of gem setting. It was mostly prevalent in areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat and evidence of this type of jewellery can be seen in the paintings of the Rajasthan Rulers of ancient India. Earlier, the gem stones used in these ornaments were agates, topaz, carnelians, tourmalines, jade, emerald, sapphire, amethysts, and rhinestones. But as time passed, these precious and semi-precious stones got substituted by less expensive ones. It was considered a family tradition to pass on a piece of such jewellery generation after generation.

Today, when fashion statements have changed, Kundan jewellery is being treated as a fashion item and is used like costume jewellery. Not only Indian celebrities, but Hollywood stars are also seen sporting these ornaments in public events. It is gaudy and rick in look and is like a treat to the eyes, if it is teamed up perfectly with ethnic Indian wear. Even brides in India prefer such jewellery designs to bring a gorgeous touch to their heavy bridal wear.

Some other types of Indian jewellery that have won the hearts of women around the globe are Filigree and Meena jewellery. Some also have a fascination towards lac ornaments and beads. Filigree and Meena ornaments have very intricate designs and are available in many colours. The colours are added while the designs are being created and that is the reason that these colours are extremely long lasting. The designs of such jewellery are inspired by the Mughal paintings and also the designs on the Taj Mahal. Lac jewellery is made by hardening the tree sap and then shaping it. Though tedious, the end result is fantastic.

All the different varieties of Indian jewellery are exquisite and are beautifully crafted.


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