Things That Interest Modern Indian Women

There has been a sea change in the way women have evolved from the past. They have come out from behind closed doors, received education, been enlightened, found economic independence and have established themselves to be at par with men. During this evolution, there have been various things that have caught their attention; but the top three things that interest women most are quality life, fairness in livelihood and the goal to become successful.

Gone are the days when women could be kept indoors, manipulated to suit the male dominated society and snubbed down under the curtain of heavy jewelry and gaudy clothes. The modern Indian woman looks at equality and fairness. She understands that her life can improve only when she gets a fair chance to stand on her own feet and shun dependency completely.

Here we are not just talking about the women who work in corporate houses and sit in air conditioned offices working on laptops. We are also referring to all those women in the suburbs and villages in India who have realized that they should have economic independence. These women are engaged in handicrafts, milk revolution, small scale units, cottage industries and many more. This has not only given them freedom from economic dependency, but has also allowed them to see things in a different light. This liberty has also given them the strength of fighting odds, raising their voice against physical torture and also made them able to raise their children on their own terms.

With every small step that women take, they realize that sky is the limit. Every sphere has a woman sitting on the top chairs. Not only has their ambition led them to fulfill their goals, they have understood the importance of fairness in life. This has given meaning and direction to the livelihood, and improved the quality of life. It would be wrong to say that women are not lured towards good clothes, or accessories, or footwear or even cosmetics. They do love to shop. But this is not the basis of their life. Their life receives meaning from the work they do.

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