Growth Statistics for Industries that Kept on Rolling in 2012

Just like every year, it is the time to evaluate the growth performance of different industries. 2012 witnessed some promising industries fulfilling the growth expectations. Technological advancements as well as human efforts continued to add new dimensions to the businesses in different sectors. Statistical evaluations of some of the top industries should present a better picture.

Big data industry maintained the steady growth rate of nearly 2% this year as well. The industry, as anticipated in the beginning of 2012, showed 6-7 times more growth than other technology-reliant sectors. The IT industry in the countries like India proved to be another winner of the year. Software export from the country in particular recorded the growth of about 11%, with substantial contribution from the growing SME sector.

Healthcare and wellness industry attained the mark of being a trillion dollar industry in 2012. The recent US Census Bureau’s report has announced the annual revenue of the industry at $1.668 trillion. The closely related elder care industry is another worth mentioning achiever for the year.

Cloud computing grew significantly over the year. Many credit the industry’s growth to the HIPAA act that instructed secure storage of health records. A number of surveys report that the industry will attain value between $120 billion and $140 billion in the next two years. With profit margins of the IT consulting industry increasing by more than 8% every year, it is another name that deserves mention in the list.

Environment consulting maintained the annual growth rate of about 40% and residential construction industry recorded growth by 18% in 2012. Mobile game developing industry is growing by nearly 400% every year and this year was not an exception. E-commerce industry grew by 10-11% from 2007 to 2012 and is certainly going to expand further.

Region wise industrial growth statistics are also notable in different categories. For example, the banking industry in Cambodia recorded 30% increase in the amount that the country’s banks lent to different sectors. The tourism industry in Calgary boasts of growth by 6.5%.

Other industries that made to the list include VoIP services, biotechnology, video gaming, warehousing, shipping and outsourcing industries.

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