Top Construction Companies in India

The construction service providers or the infrastructure companies have contributed to the growth and development of the nation by utilizing the support of the government. Although there are more than hundreds of construction service providers in the country, only a few of them are considered significant and popular in the field. Most of these companies have been reliable in performance and productivity for the last many years.

Some of the Popular Leaders in Construction Field

Larsen and Turbo Ltd: The L&T or the Larsen & Turbo is the undisputed leader in the field of construction. It is considered to be the number one infrastructural company in the country. The company offers a wide range of solutions, products and services all over the world. The company has various divisions across different parts of the country. L&T continues to maintain an overall growth in all segments where it operates in India. The company has also launched various cost optimization techniques which has further escalated its profits in the last few years. The company occupies a significant position in the international markets.

Punj Lloyd Group: The Punj Lloyd group is another EPC company that operates in various countries in the field of construction and infrastructure, gas, oil and power. The company is renowned for its quality services in the field of infrastructure and construction. The Punj Lloyd has completed many prestigious projects in the country.

Delhi Land and Finance (DLF): One of the largest companies in India which offers its exemplary services in the field of construction is the DLF. The company offers construction services in both commercial and residential sectors. The company also offers rental services of offices and retail spaces which is an added advantage over other construction service providers.

Hindustan Construction Company or the HCC: The initial company in infrastructural sector is the Hindustan Construction Company which offers its services in four main sectors which include nuclear, hydro, water and transportation. It is also renowned as the oldest construction company in India. The HCC comprises of a group of other companies which include the HCC infrastructure, HCC Real Estate, Lavasa Corp and High bar technologies.


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