Various Online Advertising and Marketing Mediums

There are various types of online advertising and marketing mediums which can be used effectively to increase brand recognition and sales of a company. With the advent of internet marketing facilities and online stores, different types of marketing mediums have been popularized recently.

Online Marketing Mediums

Search Engine Optimization or SEO: The practice of optimizing website codes and contents so that the web page appears at the top of the search engine ranking pages is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Social networking: It is known to be one of the best methods to connect and interact with people online. There are many social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, Digg and so forth. Social networking sites can be utilized by creating profiles and allowing the customers and followers to know the different types of products offered by the company. It is also easy to contact entrepreneurs through social networking sites.

Blogging: Blogging is another online advertising and marketing medium that can be used effectively to improve brand recognition. Blogging is used for promotion of products and services, social networking purposes, information and news.

Pay per Click or PPC: The sponsored links on the right hand side of the google pages are known as PPC or Pay per Click ads. These ads are linked to the home page of the companies which facilitates better marketing of products and services.

Email: Another useful online marketing tool is the email which is used by various companies and bloggers for the promotion of products and services. Free information is distributed in exchange for the email ID of the users. This email ID is often used by the marketers to send product information related to the launch of new products, discount offers of existing products and so forth. However, it is important to ensure the privacy of the customers.

Affiliates: Another effective online marketing and advertising tool is the affiliates which is a part of internet marketing. It is basically the practice of paying other websites to advertise your products and services. It is known to be one of the most powerful tools as other websites link to your websites.

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