Current Scenario of Jewelry Products And Market in India

The Indian jewelry is more than just an accessory. It is a vital part of the Indian culture, values and tradition. This explains the reason why Indian jewelries are sold all over the world as it is intricately designed with elegant patterns and styles. The Indian jewelry has witnessed a cultural and social significance ever since the dawn of civilization.

With the fall in prices of gold recently, the demand for all types of ornaments have sky rocketed. The jewelry designs offered in India include elegant and exemplary patterns with diverse motifs. Most of the jewelries in India are a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. The Indian jewelry is crafted to perfection by skilled craftsmen. For this simple reason, the jewels from India are demanded excessively in the international markets.

indian Diamond jewellery

indian Gold jewellery

indian Gold Diamond jewellery

Some of the most exquisite and popular varieties of jewelries include kundan jewelry, polki, shell jewelries, meenkari, lac and so forth which are fused intelligently with the global designs and styles.

India is a country which is popularly known for its exquisitely designed jewelleries and therefore there are many tradeshows held in the country to showcase the cultural richness and diversity of the country through various jewelry patterns.

The jewelry markets in the country have undergone a massive change with the introduction of various types of jewelry designs and styles to suit different occasions. Every traditional function and ceremony in the country includes the use of jewelries and therefore a huge assortment of styles and designs are inculcated into the existing jewelry themes to create some of the most unique types of jewelry designs in the market.

India is therefore considered as an idea global market for jewelries. The use of astrological gemstones in jewelries is another popular reason for the attractiveness and uniqueness of the Indian jewelries. People all over the world are fascinated and intrigued by the healing and magical properties of both precious and semi-precious stones which are used extensively in Indian jewelries. Fashion jewelry is another attraction in the Indian jewelry market which has further escalated the demand for Indian jewelries in the global arena.

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