A Brief Glimpse of Dairy Industry and Dairy Equipment

The dairy industry of India is one of the fast growing industries which serve as a model industry to various countries across the globe. However, the Indian diary industry lacks behind when compared to the global markets in the field of dairy products. The dairy industry of India requires more hygienic conditions to pack and store the milk so as to ensure that it lasts for a longer period of time without spoilage.

Present Scenario of Dairy Industry

The climatic condition of India is one factor which leads to spoilage of milk and milk products. Therefore it is essential for Indian diary farmers to use more sophisticated products for milking the cows and storing the milk in clean and hygienic conditions. The need to boost clean and hygienic milking condition with the use of milking machines, uses of bulk coolers to store milk and the use of stainless steel cans to store the milk are essential to improve the quality of dairy products in the country.

Dairy Business in India

There are various types of dairy equipment which are used for better packaging and milking purposes. Most of these devices are manufactured in India, although some of the equipment is imported from foreign countries such as Italy and Europe.

It is important to understand that the dairy industry of India is still limited to the use of road tankers, small homogenizers, obsolete milk vending machines, storage tanks, liquid milk packaging systems and so forth. There are several machineries which are used for packaging and processing milk products such as paneer, butter, cheese, curd and so forth. It is essential to use the right type of equipment to ensure high grade quality and durability of these dairy food items.

Different Types of Dairy Equipment

The quantity and quality of milk depends on the type of milking equipment used by the dairy farmers. Some of the most common types of dairy equipments used in most of the commercial diary farms include the milking machine, milk testing equipment, cream separator, electronic milk analyzers, milk packaging units and so forth. Apart from these devices, some of the modern dairy equipment includes the milk stirrer which is widely used by most of the dairy product manufacturers.

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