Evolution of Coffee Vending Machines

The evolution of coffee vending machine can be traced back to 1946. Majority of these vending machines were installed in factories and other work places. In the earlier days, only one type of coffee was made available through these machines. As time passed by, a bean grinder was included in these vending machines. In the year 1991, different types of coffee were made available through these machines. Some of these varieties included cappuccino, espresso and various other flavored varieties.

Basic Features of Coffee Vending Machines

This vending machine is a coin operated machine which automatically dispenses paper cups filled with different types of coffee. The machine includes a money slot to deposit a specific amount of cash. There are machines which accept credit cards but majority of the vending machines accept cash or coins. These machines are large and rectangular in size. It includes a small space in the middle of the machine with a platform to dispense the cup and the coffee when a button is pressed on the machine.

Evolution of Vending Machines

Today there are different types of coffee vending machines. Some of these machines dispense food, water and various other types of snacks such as candy bars and potato chips.

These vending machines are particularly useful in hospitals, railway stations and school campuses as it can be used to dispense hot beverages when shops and cafeterias are closed.

There are different types of coffee drinks such as the cappuccino which is made from milk foam. This drink which was originated in Italy became one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. The cafe latte is another type of drink which contains more milk than the regular cappuccino. The espresso is another type of coffee drink which contains a substantial amount of caffeine.

Flavored coffee drinks can also be obtained from coffee vending machines. Vanilla roast is added to the regular coffee to create delicious drinks. There are various other types of flavors such as raspberry, hazelnut, almond, mint, orange and so forth. Apart from these varieties, there are coffee drinks which include alcohol which is known as the Irish coffee.

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