Essential Qualifications Required for an LIC Agent

With the growing importance of LIC or Life Insurance Companies, there are huge employment opportunities as LIC agents. Basic educational qualifications are essential to become an LIC agent. However, today with the right professional attitude and skill, it is possible to become a professional full time LIC agent.

How to Qualify as an LIC Agent?

There are different training courses offered to individuals who choose to become Life Insurance agents. But before joining any courses, it is essential to meet the Development officer at any LIC branch. An interview is conducted by the Branch manager and the candidate is sent to the training center if found suitable for the position.

The training covers all the pertinent aspects of LIC business and it includes a time span of 100 hours. A pre licensing examination is conducted after the completion of the course. The examination is conducted by the IRDA or the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority.

The IRDA awards a license to work as an LIC agent after the completion of the examination. Individuals can then work as a part of the LIC team of agents under the development officer.

There are various essential features required in individuals to become an LIC agent. People who are extrovert in nature and enjoy meeting people find this professional exciting and rewarding. It is possible to decide your own working hours while you choose this profession which is an advantage.

A career opportunity in this field is lucrative as it offers unlimited earning potential, world class training and in-house consultants. It also offers a comprehensive package of benefits, careers, rewards and training.

The role of an LIC agent is quite prominent in the field of business as these agents link the customers with the organization. Therefore the LIC agents are recruited carefully so as to set a higher standard of service and quality. Today majority of the clients are educated and therefore it is essential for LIC agents to be highly educated, motivated, professional, good communicators, service oriented and so forth. Some of the organizations also require prior experience in the similar field for better recruitment of LIC agents.

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