Grinding Wheels - Features, Functions and Different Types

Grinding wheels, which are widely used in grinder machines, have numerous applications. These devices are practically attached to certain machines to create a cutting tool. Different types of abrasive grain materials are used for manufacturing these wheels. Silicon carbide is used with titanium, brass and aluminum to manufacture some of these devices. Aluminum oxide is also used in ceramic grains but it is quite inappropriate for sharpening of blades and carbide bits. Cubic boron nitrate is another abrasive grain material which is used for grinding alloy steel. Abrasives are chosen according to the type of material that needs to be cut.

Diamond Grinding Wheels

Industrial Grinding Wheels

Different Functions and Types

These wheels are made out of abrasive particles which are bonded together by a material. With consistent usage, these abrasive particles wear off slowly. New and unworn particles are exposed in the process. There are various types of wheels available which can be utilized for various purposes. It is manufactured in different diameters which include 5, 6 and 8 inches. All these devices are marked with specific identification which indicates their grain size, structure, grade, abrasive type and bond type. The different types of bonds used include resins, rubber, vitrified glass, oxychloride and elastic.

Some of the most general types of grinding wheels include the following.

Wheel ring or cylinder: It has a wide and long surface without a center mounting support. It is basically used in straight or vertical spindle grinders. It has a width of 12 inches. It is mainly used to create a flat surface. The grinding process is basically performed with the end surface of the wheel.

Straight wheel: It is one of the most common types of wheels which are used in bench and pedestal grinders. It is extensively used for cylindrical and center less surface grinding processes. It is used on different types of tools for example the chisels. The width, diameter and the size of these wheels vary to different extends according to the type of work and the potency of the machine.

Straight cup: These types of wheels are another option in tool grinders and cutters and it includes an extra grinding surface.

Tapered wheels: It is basically a wheel which is straight and narrows externally towards the middle point of the wheel. It is quite stronger than the straight wheels in different ways.

Diamond wheels: In this particular variety, industrial diamonds are fixed to the border of the wheel. It is mainly used to pulverize hard materials which include gemstones, concrete and carbide tips. It includes a cutting saw which can cut through hard materials such as gemstones quickly and easily.

Saucer wheels: These devices are quite exceptional as it is used to grind twist drills and milling cutters. It is essentially used in non-machining areas.

Most of these products can be bought from a wide variety of online stores at affordable price rates. It is also easy to obtain customized tools and devices from online stores. All these products are designed by experienced engineers to meet the standard quality, economic efficiency and reliability.

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