Pneumatic Tools - Typically Used For A Wide Variety of Applications

Pneumatic tools are devices which are powered by compressed air rather than electric power. Some of these devices can be operated using carbon dioxide too. Some of the electrical tools such as drills, sanders and wrenches also have air tool versions. These tools are light in weight compared to the electrical tools.

These tools are also known as air tools as it is operated by compressed air. In large commercial settings and huge industries, the tools and devices are powered by large air compressors. The entire compressor unit includes different outlets which can be used to connect various devices. Every tool requires a specific amount of air pressure to function properly. A constant level of pressure is essential for the smooth functioning of a tool. Therefore these tools are equipped with a tank. There are portable compressors to operate these tools so that it can function efficiently for a longer period of time.

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Different Types

There are various types of pneumatic tools available today which include screw guns, nail guns, pounding tools, drills, paint sprayer, sanders, grinders, wrenches, riveting guns, jackhammers, staple guns, buffers and so forth. All these types of air tools are available in many of the online stores at affordable price rates.

Most Important Uses

These tools are typically used for a wide variety of applications. Pounding tools are mainly used for chipping hard surfaces such as concrete and stones. Large versions of pounding tools are used for trenching, demolition and digging grounds. Grinders are another useful tool which uses a spinning disc to polish, grind and cut the materials.

Power drills are another type of tool that uses a bit for boring and fastening. It appears similar to an electrical drill but it uses compressed air instead of an electrical motor.

Paint sprayer uses both compressed air and paint to spray paint large areas quickly and efficiently. These sprayers are pistol like guns with tips known as nozzles.

Sanders are another type of devices with flat bottom attached with sand paper. It also includes a top mounted handle and it can be used to run the sand paper across the surfaces.

All these tools use air compressors and it is connected with proper hoses and fittings. It is important to use high quality hoses which are resistant to crushing and abrasions to prevent accidents. It is pertinent to clean the air line before using these tools. Ensure that proper connections are made before operating these tools.

Pneumatic tools should be used with appropriate safety equipments such as safety glasses. It is also essential to use the right extension chord for these tools as small cords can reduce the efficiency. Proper care and maintenance is quite essential for better performance and durability of these tools. It is necessary to change the oil every six months for increased efficiency.

Proper training should be acquired to use these tools as improper handling can prove to be dangerous. It is quite easy to buy these tools from online stores at affordable prices.

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