Simple Tips To File Income Tax Returns Yourself

Filing income tax return is quite a perplexing task but it can be made simple by following certain simple tips. Today there is hardly any need for professional assistance to file IT returns as it has been simplified through advanced technologies. Income tax returns can be filed online quite easily.

Simple tips to File IT returns

Before downloading any files from online websites, it is quite essential to ensure whether the income is exempted from taxes. Income upto a limit of 2, 00,000 for both men and women are exempted from taxes. Senior citizens are also exempted from taxes upto an income limit of 2, 50,000 rupees.

Income Tax Return Filing 2013

There are many online websites that offer assistance in filing income tax returns. Search an appropriate website and download the IRS form. These websites also offer relevant tips and information on how to compute the tax liabilities and fill the form. Prior experience is seldom required to file tax returns as most of these sites offer assistance to file these forms correctly.

The electronic income tax return filing process is quite simple compared to the stress and complications involved in filing taxes in the earlier days.

It is important to register yourself in the website of directorate of income tax, India, ( ) if you are not yet registered. To set the login and password, fill in the PAN number and other details. Log out and then log in with the use of user id or PAN number.

The website contains all the required forms for filing the IT returns. 
  • Download the form for individual tax filing purposes. 
  • Fill details such as name, address, source of income city, state and pin code. 
  • Fill in the PAN number wherever required. 
  • Fill all the relevant details about income, investments and taxes paid and check the details thoroughly.

Fill in the details of the company and addresses if the income is derived only from salary. If all the details are correct, it is time to create an XML file and submit the form. A copy of the file is sent to the personal email ID of the person. The acknowledgement can be downloaded easily.

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