Car Washer and Auto Repair Tools – A Must Have

Cars require regular cleaning and repairing so as to give optimal performance for a longer period of time. But sending your automobile regularly to the service centre or garage might hit your pocket too hard. In the long run, car maintenance is an expense which could be too high. It is better to own some important tools for car repair and car wash. This can enable car maintenance work at home and you won’t have to part with any cash regularly and complete it as per your time availability. Also during emergencies, if a car part does not function, you can easily mend it with the tools you own and save time and money in the process.

Car Washing Tools

Car Repair Tools
The basic car repair tools which you must possess are air compressors, dent pullers, jack, tyre tools and engine hoists. You can also buy auto repair tool kits which usually contain wrenches, sockets etc. Apart from these primary tools there is a scan tool which recognizes the codes and faults in the engine. The dent puller is considered to be a miracle worker as it removes the surface dents and dings on the body of the car.

Car Wash Tools
Car wash tools are quite compact and handy devices which are used to reach all parts of the car and remove the existing dirt from everywhere. Low moisture steam car washer is a car wash tool which gets rid of stains from grease or oil, insects and the usual dirt. Electric pressure car washer is a popular car washer which specially offers hot and cold water operation options. The other basic car wash tools that you need to keep around are car wash brushes, sponges, cleaning solutions or detergents that are suitable for your car. If you are targeting for the overall cleaning of your automobile then you can also keep a selection of polishes or waxes, alloy wheel cleaners and upholstery cleaners.

Vehicle is a priced possession of almost every individual and therefore maintaining it with care and washing it regularly helps to keep it in a good position.

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