Changing Features of Indian Interior Decoration Industry

Interior design and architecture have been a part of Indian civilization since a long time. But this had also been one of the unrealised aspects which has recently gained recognition and is in the process of growth.

Now the influence of our rich heritage on interior decoration is huge – especially because Indian designs are rich in ornamentation. Intricate patterns find their way in any rich Indian interior decor. Indian interior decorators have been able to merge the natural aspects of nature with the man-made idea of the construction to create a perfect blend.

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The designs are executed with precision and according to the client requirements – this has helped the interior decoration industry in India have recognition and gain certain amount of credibility. Indian furniture is also of superior quality. One can spot vintage designs along with modern features. Interior decoration firms and companies in India have a lot more variety in furniture because of our antiques as well as are neo-realistic decorations. With the growth and increasing exposure of interior decoration industry in India, a lot of furniture pieces are easily available to the design firms.

Another new emerging feature in Indian interior decoration is the international taste which people are developing. So the interior decorators have to be at par with the forever changing Indian palette. Successful interior designers need to do extensive travelling worldwide to learn about the emerging themes in interior decoration throughout the world. The process also involves time to time research of upcoming trends.

Indian interior decoration is not just restricted to home decor – the industry has grown and thus includes designing of office spaces and also luxurious hotels. Indian interior decoration industry is still growing because the urban areas of Indian cities are continuously expanding. People are constantly acquiring real estate and they also have very discerning tastes so the interior decorators are kept on toes with variety of designs and themes that are continuously emerging.

Interior decoration as an industry is prospering with individual interior decorators and companies gaining recognition. Conarch India Pvt. Ltd. is a design firm that specialises in corporate designing. Revamping, renovating, expanding spaces – you name it and the firm does it all. Morph Design Corporation is another award winning organization in Bangalore which delivers fantastic designs in the country.

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