Best Ideas to Celebrate Holi in a Good Spirit

Holi 2013 - Wednesday, March 27

Holi, the colourful festival of spring season, is celebrated with great fervour across India. The usual celebrations include bonfires (called Holika Dahan) and throwing colour powders, water and water balloons on one another. While some find the madness extremely enjoyable, others prefer to follow some sober ways to savour the festival. Here are some ideas that can make this year’s Holi celebrations truly rewarding and memorable.

Play Safe Holi
Chemicals in the synthetic Holi colours can be hazardous for eyes, skin, hair and other sensitive body parts. A good idea would be to buy natural colours or prepare them at home. Some easily available sources, like henna powder for green; turmeric powder for yellow; beet root for magenta; saffron powder for saffron and so on, can be used.

Protect your skin with oil-based creams and hairs with oil to get rid of the colour later on. Wear full body clothes to leave only small skin area exposed. Keep some important things, like moisturizers, shampoos and natural colour removers and antiseptics, ready and clean yourself immediately after the celebrations are over.

Play Eco-friendly Holi
Use water judiciously and avoid its wastage. Prefer to lit bonfires in groups to save wood and avoid the possible air pollution. Another good idea would be to use cow dung cakes and other such materials instead of wood.

Add Taste to Holi
No Indian festival is complete without tasty cuisines and sweet preparations. Mawa gujiya, gathiya, dahi bhalle and aloo poori are among the most popular Holi recipes. Thandai and bhang (prepared from cannabis leaves) are the popular drinks. However, bhang is an intoxicating drink and should be avoided in excess.

Play Generous Holi
Make the festival colourful for physically or socially deprived people. Visit an old-age home or orphanage and celebrate this amazing festival with those who need love and care. Seeing smiling faces all around will make you feel overjoyed.

Avoid being fierce or rough and don’t force colours on anyone. Alcohol and abrupt driving that are unfortunately the common practices during the festival can dilute the fun. Keep away from such things and bring out the essence of Holi by spreading happiness.

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