Useful Skin Care Tips And Protection Ideas in Summer

Scorching heat and profusely sweating body during summer months can lead to numerous skin issues. Tanned skin, sunburns, lines and wrinkles and skin infections are common, especially when the skin is exposed to the blazing sun for long. While avoiding outdoor activities completely is not feasible, some good skin care tips are what you need to know.

Products You Need
Summer skin care & body care products should include moisturizers, sunscreens, skin toner, scrubs and cleansers. While moisturizers (use a water-based) can hydrate your skin, sunscreens help to retain the moisture and also to avoid damage caused by UV rays. A skin toner will keep your skin cool and a scrub will help to remove dead skin cells. Skin cleansers are useful in removing impurities and keeping the pores unplugged. Make sure to choose products with natural or organic ingredients and those prepared by the well-known brands.

Skin Care Tips for Summers

Deal with Tan
A good face-pack can help you remove tan from the skin and to get back the natural glow. There are some face pack preparations that you can easily make at home. Some popular ingredients for these preparations include cucumber, yoghurt, lemon and papaya.

Choose the Right Food
What you eat can have significant influence on your skin in summer. Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits can help in keeping the skin hydrated. You can also switch to fresh fruit juices and lemonades for this purpose. Avoid drinking aerated drinks that contain high sugar content harmful for the skin. It is recommended to keep away from spicy and oily foods and cut down the quantity of alcohol as well.

Skin-friendly Practices
  • Wash your face repeatedly, but avoid using soap bars. Use organic face wash products.
  • Never go out in sun without carrying sunglasses, scarves and umbrellas.
  • Use a quality deodorant to avoid sweat from causing skin infections.
  • Adequate sleep and regular exercising can add value to your efforts.
  • Wear loose clothes that help your skin to breathe. Replace your shoes with sandals and other designs that allow exposure to air.

Make all good efforts to avoid heavy cosmetics. Pamper your skin in the natural manner to keep it healthy and glowing.

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