Office Stationery Items: Necessity And Importance

Stationery items are vital accessories for the smooth functioning of an office. With the introduction of computers, most of the important information is stored on computers but still the use of paper and other stationery items prevail in majority of the offices today.

Essential Office Stationery Items

Some of the most essential office stationery items required in every office includes the following.

Paper: One of the most essential office stationery items includes paper. Papers are essential for printing purposes, writing notes, invoices, letters and so forth. Papers with company logos, letter heads and A4 size papers are used in most of the offices even today.

Files and folders: Other essential stationery items include files and folders of different sizes and varieties. Files are essential to keep important papers in an organized manner. Files to keep old records, bills, invoices and cash memos are also required in an office.

Office Stationery Items

White boards and board markers: Most of the offices require white boards for presentation and board meetings. Board markers are essential to write on these white boards. Today white boards are available in different sizes to suit the requirements of different companies.

Pens and pencils: Pens are considered essential in any type of office. Stationery items should include pens such as ball pens, colored pens, fountain pens and so forth. Highlighters and markers are also essential for various purposes. In addition to pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners are also required in an office.

Calendars: Another important stationery item includes calendars. There are different types of calendars available in many of the online and offline stores today. Calendars with motivational quotes are quite inspiring and can be placed on desks to motivate employees.

Diaries and note pads: Dairies are also essential in any office. Today there are different types of diaries available in most of the stationery shops. Appointment diaries, personal diaries, telephone diaries and schedule diaries are some of the most common types of diaries that can be bought for office use.

In addition to all the above mentioned items there are several other office automation products which are considered to be essential in an office. Paper weights, gum sticks, glue, tapes, envelopes, staplers, punching machines and pins are also required for official purposes.


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