Functions of Hospitality And Housekeeping Service Sectors

Housekeeping services is one of the most popular businesses in the service sector. The process of maintaining cleanliness in various institutions, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places with the help of professional service providers is generally termed as housekeeping services. Today there are a number of organizations that provide immaculate cleaning services to various companies and institutions.

Housekeeping Services- Important Functions

Although there are many services which can be included in the housekeeping service sector, some of the most prevalent services include house-maid and janitor services. Some of the most important services undertaken by these service sectors include kitchen cleaning, dusting, disinfecting the premises and so forth.

Carpet cleaning is another service offered by the housekeeping service sector. Special cleaning methods and devices are used to clean carpets. Shampoos and other stain removers are used to clean carpets and floors in offices and other areas. Commercial centers, offices, homes, hospitals and schools avail the services of these sectors to obtain clean and hygienic atmosphere.

Most of the offices avail the services of housekeeping service sector to clean office furniture such as sofas, upholsteries and other office furniture. Pest control and ensuring clean and safe environment for employees is another duty performed by these service sectors. Disposal of trash and garbage, cleaning bath tiles and wash areas are other services provided by the housekeeping service sectors.

In addition to commercial centers, housekeeping service sectors also provide services to hospitals. They engage in keeping the premises clean and hygienic. Most of these companies also engage in providing healthy and nutritious food to patients and hospital staff.

Maintenance work which include repair of faulty pipes, taps and cleaning water tanks are some of the other functions performed by the housekeeping service sectors. Some of the hospitality and housekeeping service sectors also engage in keeping stock of various items such as bed linens, towels, table cloths and pillow covers in hotels and hospitals. Corporate offices also utilize the services of these sectors to clean huge office glass doors, windows and buildings. Today it is quite easy to avail these services as there are a number of online sites that showcase a large number of housekeeping service providers.


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