CFL Lamps: One of the Best Energy Efficient Lighting Equipment

CFL Lights & LampsThe Compact Fluorescent Light lamps or the CFL lamps are widely popular these days due to its wide number of beneficial qualities. In the earlier days, these light lamps were used mainly for commercial purposes, but today due to its cost effectiveness and efficiency, it is used for residential purposes too. Today the CFL lamps are available in a huge variety of sizes and costs in many of the online stores.

Efficient Lighting Equipment

Compared to the incandescent bulbs, the Compact Fluorescent Light lamps are more energy efficient. It uses only one-fourth of the energy used by ordinary incandescent lamps. Moreover, these lamps produce less heat and are therefore considered to be environment friendly.

The incandescent bulbs use filament to emit light whereas the CFL lamps utilize a mixture of three phosphors to emit light. Most of the people prefer to use these lamps as it helps to save electric charges. Moreover, these lamps are also known to last for a long period of time compared to the incandescent lamps. It can last for about four to five years.

Most of the people prefer to use Compact Fluorescent Light lamps as it emits light with a warm tone. Today there are a huge variety of lighting lamps available in different shades and tones. There are CFL lamps which can be used in dimmer lights too. Online stores are hoarded with a variety of bulbs and lights to suit different types of interior d├ęcor.

It is also considered to be one of the most eco-friendly varieties of lights available today. Since these lights emit less heat and save energy consumption to a huge extent, it is known to be environment friendly. Moreover, it seldom emits poisonous gases to the environment.

Various Types of CFL lamps

Today there are various types of CFL lamps available in many of the online stores. You can easily find different attractive shapes of lights such as torpedoes, spirals, capsules, candles and so forth. Colored bulbs are also widely popular these days. Soft pink, yellow, white and so forth are some of the most widely used colored bulbs at homes and restaurants. These CFL lights are also available in a huge variety of sizes.

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