Different Bridal Jewelry Designs - A Brief Overview

Jewelry is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Aesthetic and alluring bridal jewellery is vital in completing the overall appearance of a bride. In India, weddings are incomplete without beautiful bridal jewelry. The bridal jewelry designs vary according to the varying countries, regional differences and cultural diversities. However, most of the bridal jewelries include necklaces, anklets, bangles, earrings, waist band and pendant set.

Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewelry in Varying Designs

As mentioned earlier, bridal jewelry designs vary according to different regions. In the North of India, bridal jewelry includes the most famous Kundan jewelry, which is still considered to be the epitome of classic beauty and skilled workmanship. However, in the South of India, jewelry designs vary largely. Pure gold jewelries are often worn by brides to accentuate their beauty.

Bridal Jewellery Designs

Down the ages, designers have introduced various innovative designs in bridal jewelries to amplify the elegance and beauty of the brides. Among the various and popular bridal jewelry includes the Swarovski bridal jewelry with crystals and pearls. It glitters in the light and has a mesmerizing effect.

Bridal Jewellery

Most of the weddings in the west include bridal jewelries that complement the particular season of the wedding. Wedding jewelries include summer collection, winter collection and spring collection. Jewelries in pearls, corals, semi-precious stones and shells are quite often worn by brides. Bridal jewelry designs often include necklaces with white pearls and diamond rings.

Bridal jewelry designs are entirely different in countries like India. Precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver are used to design jewelries. These jewelries also include precious and semi-precious stones such as emerald, sapphire, diamonds, corals, rubies and so forth.

However, today most of the brides prefer to wear jewelries blend with traditional and contemporary designs. Jewelries are also worn according to the color and design of the bridal attire. For light colored indian bridal wear, brides prefer to choose diamonds and white gold for their wedding day. Gold jewelries are preferred if the bridal attire is in hues of maroon and red.

Though most of the conservative families prefer to choose heavy bridal jewelry for the brides, modern designs include light patterns and designs which are easy to wear and elegant in appearance. Nevertheless, today there is a wide array of choice available for brides to wear on their special day.


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