A Brief Comparison Between Pneumatic Tools and Normal Machine Tools

The pneumatic tools, or the power tools, are mechanical tools which function with the use of compressed air or gas. The power tools are also known as air pressure tools. These tools are mostly used for industrial purposes and require professional skill and care while handling.

Pneumatic tools and Normal Machine tools - A Comparison

Effectiveness: Compared to the normal machine tools, the pneumatic tools are more efficient. It is easier to do tough jobs with air powered tools as it requires less effort. Moreover some jobs require strenuous effort which can seldom be done easily with normal hand tools. The nail guns or the power nailer are more efficient in hammering the nails than the ordinary hammers. It requires lesser time and effort unlike the ordinary hammers. However, some machine tools or hand tools are handier for some simple tasks which seldom require more effort.

Price: The normal machine tools are less costly compared to the pneumatic tools. The power drills can be bought at a comparatively lesser price than the hand drills. Normal machine tools require less maintenance and costs less unlike the pneumatic tools which are quite expensive. Moreover, most of the components used in pneumatic tools are rather expensive.

Durability: The pneumatic tools are quite durable compared to the normal machine tools which tend to last for a few years. Breakage is quite common in normal machine tools as its components are priced at a lesser amount in comparison to the components of the pneumatic tools. But normal machine tools have lesser components in comparison to the pneumatic tools.

Electric power: Some machine tools require electricity, but the pneumatic tools are powered by air compressors and hardly require electric power for functioning.

Light-weight: Most of the pneumatic tools weigh less in comparison to the normal machine tools. So it is quite easy to work with the pneumatic tools.

Easy to operate: The normal machine tools are easy to operate and require no professional skills whereas the pneumatic tools require professional skill and expertise.

However, most of the pneumatic tools require proper handling with specific safety gear unlike the normal machine tools. The pneumatic tools should also be cleaned and maintained regularly for smooth and safe functioning of these machines.

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I just bought a new house and I am trying to get all the tools I am going to need. Everybody tells me I need to get some kind of pneumatic tool. I have no clue what I am looking for, but it sounds like thing to have.

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