Overview of Logistics and Shipping Services in India

The fast paced growth and development of the Indian economy has contributed to the subsequent growth of transport and trade to various countries. Most of the people in the country seek jobs beyond the geographical boundaries. This has increased the need for logistic companies in the country. Today there are innumerable logistic companies in India which provide adequate services to transport goods and people through various modes of transportation.

Growth of Shipping Services and Logistic Companies- A Glimpse

India has witnessed tremendous growth and development in the recent years. The inexplicable growth of trade has further escalated the growth of logistic companies in the country.

Logistic and Shipping Services in India

Infrastructural development: The shipping services of the country have witnessed unique growth due to the infrastructural development of the economy. The use of internet facilities and better communication has also led to the development of shipping services and global trade.

Online Trade and E-marketing: The growth of e-marketing and online shopping is another key factor that has led to the growth of logistic and shipping services in the country. Most of the people prefer to buy commodities through online trade portals.

The shipping services ensure timely delivery of goods to the customers. In the early days, sea freight services were quite inadequate but with the growth of international trade and B2B portals, the shipping services of the country have obtained an admirable position among the shipping companies in the world.

Development of Industries in the country: Indian industries have catapulted to new heights with better facilities offered by the logistic companies. Various industries such as the pharmaceuticals, textile industry in india and iron and steel industries supply their products to foreign countries. These companies depend largely on logistic and shipping companies to expand their business across the world. Moreover, most of the logistic companies in India provide exemplary services to several industries which include labeling, sealing, packaging and distribution of the goods.

Growth of International shipping companies: Today there are several international logistic and shipping companies in the country. A number of Indian shipping companies have been established due to the growth of global shipping companies.

According to the recent surveys, the logistics and shipping services in India are among the most profit yielding sectors of the economy.


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The mode of transportation and the logistic servicesthat won’t just get your goods to their destination is the tremendous growth and development of any logistic firm.

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Nice article!! Now a days there are many logistics and shipping services provider companies and all are growing. But its also necessary that all have to provide perfect on time services for attracting more customers and growing more.

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