Paid and Free Online Business Promotion Tools – An Overview

Business Promotion IdeasBusiness and marketing are so closely related that these aspects often cross the line of interchangeability. Talent will defeat marketing any day,’ goes a famous saying. Very true!! But how about a situation where the best of products are coated with the best of promotional programs? The result would be absolutely fantabulous.

To give an idea, you might offer the best of products but what if the target audience isn’t aware of it? This story is synonymous to the era of 60s and 70s where the scope of publicity was fully welded with aspects of requirements. Times have changed and so are the market conditions and even the scope.

Times have changed, from the concept of world is a stage to internet is the stage. In terms of business, every aspect gets sprinkled with the internet syndrome; from marketing to R & D, from futuristic scope to social promotion, anything and everything has an internet aided aspect.

Talking about the scope of online business promotion methods, these techniques can be divided into 2 broader aspects, one being paid online business promotion methods and second being the free ones for which the marketing team needs to utilize their experience and skills.

Paid methods include surveys, contests, coupons, advertisements and SEO services while free methods include providing online tours, bookmarking and feedback forms etc.

SEO services include using HTML codes and advertisements via search engines and popular websites so that these can hit the right audience. There are many websites which provide paid and even free surveys; using them is like getting a fair idea of what your target audience is expecting and also about how well your product will excel. Contests are a nice way of attracting thousands of users and paying only a couple of them.

Paid methods, no doubt pierce more but free online business promotion if targeted properly can go a long way. An online tour is a way of picturizing products and aspects which matter, via a small series of a combination of pictures and information. Loading your website with online tours prior and post launching of products helps a lot.

Same way, offering to bookmark (website page) is like leaving an impression on the audience, now and even in the future (when the user stumbles upon the bookmark). Feedback forms are a nice way to check if the promotion is enough (more promotion is needed if the users provide feedback that they aren’t aware of some aspects) and this also helps to understand future forecasting.

Whoever said the world has grown smaller might have an intuition about the scope and ability of the internet. All in all, it can be definitely concluded that no online presence aka no online business promotion can be safely considered as: no presence.

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