Handmade Gift Ideas for Upcoming Raksha Bandhan Festival

Raksha bandhan is an Indian festival wherein the glorious relationship between a brother and a sister is celebrated. Apart from the Hindu community all over the world, the Sikh community also celebrates this festival which mostly falls in the month of August.

The ceremony involves the tying of a Rakhee (a thread) by a sister on the wrists of her brother along with some traditions. This festival has 2 aspects, one each for the brother and the sister. The sister prays for the well-being of her brother and the brother in return vows to protect her all his life. The most exciting part of this festival is the culmination which is an exchange of sweets and gifts; sweets to the brother and gifts to the sister.

Rakshabandhan Gift

Like there are thousands of sweets, there are ditto number of gifts through which brothers can display their love towards their sisters. From expensive jewelry to aesthetic mobile phones, a good run of imagination can produce the best of gifts. But, what would be the best gift for a sister who prays for her brother’s happiness? The best gift is always sculpted by your own hands, and not cultivated with money.

Rakshabandhan Festival Gift

Handmade gifts are closer to heart because these involve raw emotions molded with imagination. There are many small to medium sized handmade gifts which can be made without much of an effort. Some great ideas to make handmade gifts for Raksha bandhan are discussed as follows:

  • Handmade greeting cards
  • Handmade collage
  • Handmade collection of photographs
  • Handmade calendars
  • Self-made flower bouquets
  • Self-made sweets or dishes

One of the best and also the loveliest handmade gifts for Raksha bandhan are greeting cards. You can take a print out of your photograph (yours and your sisters’ photograph works well), then have it wrapped like a greeting card with sketches, messages and other things.

Also, an artistic collage or a collage which includes a collection of childhood pictures is like spraying the paint of memories on your sister. Likewise, handmade calendars with small cute messages have been popular since some time now. This requires the use of a small spiral binding and some artistic skills to work out better.

In addition, one can buy different flowers to make a small colorful bouquet to be gifted; self-collected and arranged flower bouquets are considered one of the best handmade gifts for Raksha bandhan and even for other occasions. Lastly, sweets are a bait which most fall for and making a sweet dish or even a special food dish for your sister (best bargain is trying her favorite) would be simply sweet, and delicious as well.

Apart from these items there are hundreds of other handmade gifts for Raksha bandhan (produced by artists and artisans) which have enjoyed a good patronage over the years.

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