Choosing Right Variety of Cattle Feeds and Feed Supplements

Rearing cattle for dairy farming is an important source of livelihood for many around the world. Those indulged in this practice needs to take care of the nutritional needs of the livestock. Relying solely upon pasture grazing may not help the cattle for desired production. Industrially produced cattle feed and cattle feed supplement must form important parts of feeding these animals.

Cattle owners rely upon the knowledge possessed by the suppliers of feed and supplements for cattle. The best suppliers obtain high quality feeds and supplements in different varieties and help inexperienced buyers to choose the right variety. Those engaged in the business of supplying these products are therefore expected to carry good information in this direction.

Cattle Feed Supplements

Forages or roughages are among the most popular feeds available for cattle. Hay and alfalfa are two good examples of the feeds available in this category. As a feed supplier, you must inform your customers about the level of moisture that these feeds must have.

Protein must be an important part of the cattle feed. One of the most recommended protein rich feeds for cattle is the corn gluten feed. Obtained from corn milling sites, this feed is adequately rich in proteins as well as minerals like potassium, phosphorous and sulfur. You can supply dry as well as wet corn gluten feeds to the cattle owners and inform them the advantages of each feed type.

Feeds rich in carbohydrates too are popular to entertain the nutritional requirements of the animals. Oats, barleys and oilseeds are among the feeds that contain easily digestible carbohydrates.

Cattle Feed

Apart from feed, cattle feed supplement helps in providing right kind of nutrition to the animals. Soy protein and Soya supplements are quite popular among the cattle owners. De oiled cakes too serve as good quality supplements to boost the nutritional value of feed given to cattle. Mineral based supplements must be recommended to the buyers. These supplements promote growth and reproductive abilities among cattle. Sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous are among the major minerals served through these supplements.

Another class of feed supplements or additives for cattle is that of ionophores. These additives when added to the cattle feed raise the ability among cattle to fight microbial infections. In other words, these additives act as antibiotics that help in keeping the cattle healthy and to raise their production efficiency as well.

You can inform your buyers that selecting the right type of cattle feeds depend upon a number of factors. Age and type of breed, for example, are two important factors. Some of the other factors include health conditions and special situations like pregnancy. Obtain good quality of cattle feeds and supplements with the help of online business directories that contain information about reputed manufacturers.

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