The Necessity of Agricultural Implements

Agricultural ImplementsWith modern techniques being implemented in farming, there has been a substantial growth in the different types of agricultural implements to meet the growing demands of the farmers. In countries like India where agriculture is considered the backbone of the economy, the agricultural implements are of immense importance.

To meet the increased demand for these implements, there are a number of companies that manufacture various types of agricultural equipments to ease the burden of the farmers.

Some of the Commonly Used Agricultural Implements

  • The agricultural rotavator: The rotavators are commonly used agricultural equipments for cutting, mixing and cultivating the soil. There are different types of rotavators that help to prepare the soil for sowing.
  • Seed cum fertilizer drill: This implement can be drawn by small tractors and are useful in sowing the seeds as well as fertilizers at the same time. It can also be used for weeding purposes in addition to preparing the seedbeds. It can be operated quite easily by using small tractors.
  • Threshing equipments: there are a wide variety of threshing equipments which are far better than the conventional methods used for threshing groundnuts and mustard.

There are many other types of equipment used for agricultural purposes like seed extractors, dozers, dibblers, ditchers and so forth. Most of these equipments are in great demand in the agricultural field. For the protection of the plant, power sprayers and blowers are also available.

The modern agricultural implements have made sowing, seed bed preparation, tilting easier. The mould board plough and tractors have made tasks easier for farmers.

Increased Demand for Agricultural Implements

During the early days, farming was considered a job of pride where conventional methods of faming were the only option and farming was their only source of livelihood. But now the entire scenario has changed, with urbanization more and more people have migrated to the cities in search of better jobs.

This has in turn reduced the manpower for agricultural purposes leading to increased demand for agricultural implements. Moreover, though these implements are quite expensive, it can be bought easily through loans instigated by many banks to help the growth of the agricultural sector.

Better use of these agricultural implements will help to increase the agricultural productivity and thereby the overall development of the country.

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