A Glimpse of the Indian Leather Industries

The leather industry is one of the most important industries in India which contributes to the socio-economic development of the nation. It has come a long way from a raw material exporter to an exporter of finished leather products. Being one of the oldest industries in the country, it provides employment opportunities to more than 2.5 million people.

Exceptional Growth in the Export Sector

The leather industry has witnessed remarkable changes due to the introduction of several policies by the government of India. Due to the incomparable growth of the leather industry, it prides in being one of the seven industries that brings in foreign exchange to the nation.

India is a country which is bestowed with abundant raw materials that is apt for the growth of leather industry. With a huge population of cattle and other animals, raw materials are in available in surplus amount. Backed by latest technologies and skilled manpower, the industry has succeeded in obtaining top position in the global market.

The Different Leather Products

Ever since the beginning of mankind, leather products have been used by the primitive man for protection from harsh climatic conditions. They also used leather utensils for cooking food.

Today, there are a variety of leather products available in the market. Ranging from simple day to day accessories to expensive products, the leather industry has fascinated people with its diverse products.

Some of the leather products include leather bags, wallets, shoes, belts, briefcases, photo frames, document holders, leather tape and so forth. Some of the leather products derived from animals are rare and quite expensive.

The leather footwear industry is one of the thriving industries in the country today. The export of leather foot wear comprises of 18 percent of the total leather export of the country. Producing around 700 million pairs of leather foot wear, the industry is known to have great potential for future investments and remarkable growth.

The industry prides in having some of the leading international brands of leather industries like Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, and Guess invest in the Indian market. Truly, the Indian leather has a huge demand in the global market and this in turn promises a blooming leather industry in days to come.

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