Diamond Jewelry Designs: The Significance of Cuts

Diamond JewelleryIt’s a known fact that diamond jewelries make expensive collectibles. It is so because it takes over thousands of years of extreme heating under the earth’s crust to form a diamond. Besides, the process of mining them is also a tough and rigorous process. The dazzling diamonds tend to stick to the rocks under the earth which needs to be separated by the miners using requisite tools and instruments. The crude gems found at the time of mining are then sharpened and shaped to form beautiful diamond jewellery designs.

Since the exclusiveness of a diamond jewelry design is solely because of the cuts, they are crafted by skilled artisans with utmost precision and details. Some of the popular diamond cuts are discussed under:

Princess Cut
This particular diamond cut is often used in platinum and white gold jewelry designs. It is characteristically square in shape making a perfect engagement ring for females. It’s simple yet classic look makes it a desirable piece of jewelry amongst ladies.

Marquise Cut
Marquise cut diamonds are known as the masterpiece cuts. It is a slender striking cut that is often used to create an illusion of a bigger diamond than it actually is. Technically, its length is two times more than its width. This cut is generally used in elaborate diamond jewelry designs.

Round Cut
As the name suggests, round cut diamonds are the ones featuring circular cuts onto the stone. Though these do not make trendy jewelry options, yet its traditional, classic elegance makes it an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Pear Cut
It is one of the most popular diamond cut. This particular cut features a round cut at the base, extending itself to a certain point. An ideally proportionate pear cut diamond tends to provide a scintillating depth to the stone. Most often it is used when a jewelry piece needs to be given a longer look.

Oval Cut
Oval cut happens to be another popular cut which is specially used in the rings carrying either a wide band or a long row of accent stones. This cut is characterized by excellent sheen and finesse, making it a coveted diamond jewelry item.

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