Reasons Why Cotton Sarees Are in Vogue Today

Sarees have always been the most desirable attire in a woman’s wardrobe. It is worn in different styles according to the different cultures of the various states in India. Of all the materials, cotton sarees are most popular and used attire, both in the North and South India.

Reasons Why Women Prefer Them

There are many reasons why women prefer to wear cotton sarees.

Comfortable yet elegant: It is one of the most comfortable wear compared to other fabrics. Though it can be simple, it is unmatchable in style and elegance. When it is worn coupled with gorgeous jewellery and other accessories, it gives an ethereal look to the wearer.

Suitable for all occasions: It is the only wear that is suitable for any kind of occasion, may it be a party, a social event or even while going to office or college.

All throughout the day: It is most appropriate for those women who wear only saris as it is comfortable during summer and easy to carry.

Suits everyone: It is known to embellish the beauty of a woman. It can be worn by all as it suits all body types.

There are different types of saris available online as well as offline. The B2B market places are the centre of some of the most beautifully designed saris in the world. There are handloom saris, printed and saris with zaris and embroideries. Each state has a different culture and significant patterns on their saris.

In South India, saris are found with zari work and patterns like silk. They are quite expensive especially the saris from Kanjevaram and Madurai. The Venkatgiri saris of Hyderabad are quite famous for its color and texture. In West Bengal, these saris are known as Jamdani and it has unique patterns.

Cotton sarees have become one of the most popular wear of women today. As these saris are available in innumerable designs and patterns, you will find it difficult to choose the most beautiful one. It is loved by all because it gives a crisp and chic appearance to the wearer. To know more about these elegant saris, you can visit the product catalogs of the B2B market places.

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