Top Business Verticals In B2B Marketplace

B2B marketplace is the common place for the enterprises from various industries to find the potential buyers of their goods and services. While some of the business categories in a b2b marketplace have started gaining popularity, there are others that have attained maximum market shares.

The market share of a business category in a b2b marketplace depends upon the number of business transactions made by the enterprises in that particular category over a fixed period of time. Here is a discussion about the top business categories with maximum share in a b2b marketplace.

Apparel: The business category represents the regular as well as fashion clothing for men, women and children. Apparel designing services, machinery and tools are other parts of the category that have helped it to achieve a huge market share.

Computer Hardware & Software: The rising popularity of technological products has helped the computer hardware and software business category to flourish in a b2b marketplace. Computers, laptops, computer accessories and peripherals, network devices and computer software are the main goods transacted in this category.

Consumer Electronics: Camera, media players, home entertainment systems, game players and various accessories belonging to this category have attained a major share in the b2b marketplace in the recent years. Browse more related items and companies on business directories online.

Furniture: The category includes home and office furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, outdoor and garden furniture, antique furniture and furniture making materials, tools and equipments.

Chemicals and Energy: Many types of industries need to buy products from the categories of chemicals and energy. So, these categories have earned a good reputation for themselves in the b2b marketplace.

Packaging and Printing: Printing and packaging are two essential requirements for different industries, including cosmetics, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical, agriculture and so on.

Textiles: Fabrics like cotton, feather, fur, silk and leather are among the most exported items from various countries. So, the business category is one of the highest profit making categories in a b2b marketplace.

Other categories with a good market share in the b2b marketplace include rubber and plastics, health and medical supplies and beauty and personal care. Many other categories are expected to have a rise in their market share with the growing popularity of b2b trading space.

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