Online Business Directories Versus Yellow Pages

Online business directories and internet yellow pages, both are the online versions of printed directories that list information about various businesses in a particular region. The online audiences looking for businesses of their interest often search through these mediums.

There are some factors that make online b2b directories different and better than the internet yellow pages. Here are some of the factors that differentiate between business directories and yellow pages available online.

Targeted Audience
Online business directories are business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) in nature. This means that they serve the end-users as well as the wholesalers and retailers. On the other hand, yellow pages are meant mainly for the end-users. So, the targeted audience served by the online directories differs from the audience of internet yellow pages.

Integration of Sales Process
The specialized b2b online directories serve as global marketplaces as well. This means that the sellers, like manufacturers and suppliers, meet buyers, like retailers and wholesalers, to carry out business transactions. This facility is not available in case of yellow pages, as they are simple vertical directories of information.

Product Catalogs
One advantageous feature of online business directories is that they feature product catalogs for different companies and businesses. Product catalogs provide detailed information about the product and services offered by the listed companies. On the other hand, internet yellow pages have a limited space and they don’t offer product catalogs.

Price Comparison
Another advantage of online b2b directories is that they allow the buyers to compare the prices of the products offered by different companies. In addition, the sale terms and conditions of a seller can also be accessed using business directories on the web. Yellow pages available on the internet don’t provide information or comparison on prices of different products.

Promotion and Marketing
Though, both online business directories and yellow pages are meant for online promotion of the products and services. But the level of exposure one gains with business directories is not possible with internet yellow pages.

Online business directories are the global b2b marketplaces available on the web whereas the yellow pages are simple sources of information. The difference between the two is quite easy to understand.

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