Paper And Paper Industry: A Brief Overview

Paper and Paper IndustryPaper first developed by the Egyptians in the form of “Papyrus”. It is now one of the most resourceful materials used by humans. It has many alternative uses and applications in various fields.

In this age of technology, although most of the data storage or official work is done online, still the demand for paper in various fields has not decreased. Paper industry plays a vital role in overall industrial growth. Let us read further to understand its types, applications and the flip side of paper usage.

Paper and its Products:
  • Barcodes, stickers and labels
  • Greeting cards, visiting cards and invitation cards
  • Miscellaneous school and office stationery items
  • Government papers, currency notes, vouchers, legal papers
Diary’s, letter pads, post its
Rust prevention and corrosion prevention products

These are just some of the products that are manufactured and form a part of the paper industry.

Paper and its Applications:
Just like the vast variety of paper products available in the market, the application of paper is also quite versatile.

Here are some of the applications of paper:
  • For storing and sharing information
  • For domestic applications like cleaning
  • For building or construction purposes
  • For packaging of various products
  • For entertainment or recreational purposes
  • For business purposes

The paper industry is an ever-growing industry. But there is a minor drawback that currently exists. Because of the increased environmental concerns, researchers in the paper industry are now trying to come up with alternatives of conventional paper. By doing so, they can not only save the environment but can also reap profits from the newly developed substitute of paper. Manufacturers have now started to use a biodegradable plastic packaging made out of paper known as “paperfoam”.

Although there are environmental concerns regarding paper manufacturing, paper industry and its future seems to be secure because trees, which is the main raw material used in production of paper, is renewable and the obtained product is also recyclable.

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