Pneumatic Tools: Some Most Apparent Qualities They Possess

Pneaumatic ToolsPneumatic tools, also known as air tools, are the handheld tools that use compressed air or compressed carbon dioxide instead of electricity to perform their tasks. Previously limited to industrial usage only, air tools have become popular as household tools as well.

Some of the popular air tools are air ratchet, jackhammer, pneumatic sander, pneumatic drill, pneumatic nail-gun, pneumatic trimmer and many more. The following discussion provides information about the qualities of pneumatic or air tools that make them popular over electric tools.

Light Weight
Pneumatic tools are lighter in weight than the electric and hydraulic tools. Also, they are smaller in size and are easy to carry and hold. People require less effort to hold or use them. Hence, less labor is required to obtain required output from the air tools.

Quicker than Electric Tools
Air tools perform their designated tasks much more quickly than the manually operated or electric tools. As pneumatic tools are light in weight and perform their tasks quickly, they help in increasing the productivity. This is another quality that makes them superior to other types of tools.

No Use of Electricity
Pneumatic tools are cost effective as well. This is because they don’t require the use of electricity. The compressed air or gas used to power these tools are stored in small canisters and easily carried from one place to another.

Moreover, the air tools have longer life than their electric counterparts. This further makes these tools cost-effective.

Durable and Low Maintenance Tools
Pneumatic tools are durable as they are made up of steel castings. Moreover, they have less moving parts and hence are at lower risk of facing any type of damage. Another good quality of air tools is that they require less maintenance. You just need to oil them occasionally to keep them in good form.

Powerful and Easy to Control
Finally, pneumatic tools offer more power and torque as compared to the electric tools. At the same time, they have easy to control settings to make them useful in different industrial setups.

Pneumatic or air tools are versatile as they can be used for different applications. Though safe, air tool should be handled only after reading the instructions provided by the manufacturers.

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