Product Catalogs And B2B Marketplace: Brief Survey

Product catalogs designed for global b2b marketplaces are the ideal ways to gain right business exposure. More than gaining exposure, a product catalog helps in producing sales and leads by providing right information in the right manner.

Boring and purely technical product catalogs render an uninteresting image of the businesses. Focus should be to deliver a product catalog that compels the business managers and executives to consider your business.

The three important components of a good product catalog are:
  • Impressive design to grab attention,
  • Informative content written in an interesting manner and
  • Images of the products featured in the catalog.

Here are some useful tips to produce an imposing product catalog:
  • Use good designing software like Photoshop and QuarkXPress to make the product catalog design impressive. Take care of font style, colors, and backgrounds and maintain balance between professional and informal approaches.
  • Provide detailed information about different products, their features, advantages and unique selling points. Organize the products according to their types, models, names and so on.
  • Include testimonials of satisfied customers in your product catalogs. Also mention your business experience, infrastructure and annual sales.
  • Use images of the products. Make sure that the images are clear and clicked with right background.

So, how are product catalogs of great importance for businesses present at online b2b marketplaces? Here are some of their advantages:
  • A product catalog is preferred by potential buyers, as its helps them save money. Ordering a product through product catalogue of a seller helps buyers obtain the best deals. This is one good reason for buyers to prefer sellers with impressive product catalogs.
  • A product catalog builds confidence in the buyer that he or she is taking the right decision of buying from that particular seller. Business executives, who buy on behalf of their companies, need to have trust in the seller and a business catalog helps in this.
  • A product catalog provides instant information to those searching b2b directories so that they find immediate solution to their problem.

Having impressive product catalogs displayed at business directories help businesses to increase their sales and build credit for their products and services.

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